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SPA1XX fails to use DNS-SRV records correctly

Here is another "bug" for you to fix Cisco!

All the SPA 112 & 122 units flashed with the lastest and greatest 1.2.1, fails to use the primary server or highest priority records in the DNS SRV records, the 1.2.1 flashed units always connect  to the backup or low priority records instead.  we noticed this on all SPA1XX products that were flashed with the 1.2.1. the older firmware units DOES NOT do this, until we flashed with 1.2.1 firmware.

Great Job, once again!  If an one of our employees gave the okay to release a product/software that is total useless to market like this, even after its been on the market for almost a year, I would fire their butt! Even after the latest firmware upgrade, I cannot in good faith, say anything good about Cisco or the software that they have released for this product line! I mean common, are you trying to push us away and look else where ? (keep this up and we won't be the only ones either!)

We are in the market for a few thousand units each year, and we have already started a few months ago to test other products/units, because the rock solid 2102' units are gone and we are left with this JUNK!

I will not be filling out a support ticket, you guys have your engineers, just get them to test and fix them. We don't plan using a broken products or beta test these new SPA units any longer!

If you released a product to the retail market, at least make sure they actual work.

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SPA1XX fails to use DNS-SRV records correctly

Scott, I fully agree with your criticisms of Cisco.  I'm beginning to wonder if they have a QA dept any more.

I myself have been very happy with the PAP2T and SPA2102's I use. I've been wanting to upgrade to the latest SPA112/122.  But, based on the problems being posted here since those products have been released, I don't think I want to take the risk of buying products riddled with trouble.  I'm contemplating looking elsewhere, too.  It doesn't feel like we can trust Cisco products anymore... (the SPA504G I bought last year was riddled with problems, too).


Re: SPA1XX fails to use DNS-SRV records correctly

We've had some odd issues with the SPA1xx series too. The SPA5xx series seems to have calmed down a little bug-wise, although the XML web browser is still barely implementing the specs and acts rather differently to the parser on a 79xx. The UC320 and anything associated with it have been buggy as hell as well - have been since some pre-release models were shown around. There was some pretty aweful feedback, yet the product still went on sale. It does appear to be getting fixed now. It's a shame that buying Cisco products has been reduced to Microsoft style rules of "don't buy it until the first service pack is out".

Cisco Employee

SPA1XX fails to use DNS-SRV records correctly

Hello Scott,

We are trying to recreate this in our lab and if we are able to recreate the issue in our lab, we will work with the Engineering on fixing this expeditiously. However, if we are not able to reproduce the issue in our lab, we may need some help from your end in collecting the forensics. We will update you shortly with our findings.