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SPA2102 auto pick-up and hang up for intercom

I have a 2102 being used for an intercom on my SIP network.  The box is really just a speaker.  It seems like in the past I got this to work before by making a switch to one or two settings that basically made the 2102 assume all invites would be auto answered and then all bye would end.

I found an article stating that changing the CPC to 1 would make it hang up.  But I have two issues, 1 this is SIP and it seems like I would want it to hang up on BYE, and 2 that doesn't explain how to get it to accept all INVITEs.

It's driving me nuts because I swear I did this before a my job at the lumber yard with the same device when we integrated our new SIP network into our existing clunky intercom. I thought it had something to do with the port polarity.

If anyone has a clear answer that would be great.  Thank you.

Howard Wittenberg

The CPC would be used to signal your device cabled to the SPA2102 analog FXS interface to disconnect (go back on-hook) because the adapter has received a Sip Bye.  This is a setting on the Regional Tab.  The setting is "CPC Duration" which can be set from 0 to 1.000 seconds which sets the length of the voltage drop.

I would think your device itself needs to have a feature to auto answer the incoming call when it receives a ring from the SPA.  Something like an answering machine would do.  I do not believe you can set the SPA2102 itself to auto answer an incoming sip call.