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SPA2102 Different Proxy, User ID and password for outbound and inbound calls on the same line

Hi Folks,

I'm a newbie to VOIP but I think I'm slowly getting the hang of things.  I recently bought a SPA2102 for my home business telephony needs.  I've succeded in nearly getting the configuration to where I want but I've hit a roadblock.  I use two different proxies (and usernames and passwords) for my outbound and inbound calls.  I see there is a configuration option to use a different proxy on outbound calls on line 1 but no place to configure outbound username and password.  I can get each proxy to work on their own (line 1 and line 2) but would like to be able to make and recieve calls using the same line.  Is this a hardware/software limitation or am I missing something?  I've done a pretty good search on the forum but can't seem to find any other discussions that hit this topic.  Any help from the more experienced folks out there would be welcome!

Many Thanks,

Nick M.

Howard Wittenberg

The SPA2102 was designed for two separate accounts on two separate lines.  Other Cisco/Linksys products will do what you wish.  For example, you can do it with the SPA3102 using one of the "gateway" accounts for the outgoing calls.  The discontinued SPA1001 was designed to do what you wish.

If the voip provider that you use for the incoming calls allows you to forward calls to a sip uri and the other provider accepts incoming sip uri calls you could perhaps forward the calls at the voip provider account level to the other provider without additional charge.

Thanks for the response.  Too BAD.  I deliberated for a while between the 2102 and 3102 and just couldn't think of a reason to order the 3102 as I was never planning to have pstn backup so didn't think I needed that functionality.  Oh well, the need for the gateway eluded me.  I guess it's part of the learning curve.  I think I'll try and exchange for a 3102 and see if I can't get it working.  Thanks again for your help.

-Nick M.

One caveat for the SPA3102....To use the voip account that you wish to use for outgoing calls only, to use it on a SPA3102 Gateway account configuration the voip provider must accept outgoing calls without registration.  Most of the voip providers will do that but there are some that will not.  There are some that require the adapter registers first.  The Gateway accounts do not register.  They just send the call when you dial and authenticate at that time.


Can this (to multiple gateway) be done on SPA-122?

I notice the manual did not say it could, but on page 95 the example (btw, an broken example) hinted it might be able to.