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SPA3102 and Fallback to PSTN Bug?

I have an SPA3102, and am using VoipTalk for my VOIP Provider.

I'd like to have a dial-plan whereby I can route all 00xx numbers via my VOIP provider, and local numbers (01) via PSTN.

So, When the Broadband is Working:

  01 -> PSTN

  00 -> VOIP

I don't want the 00xx numbers routed over the PSTN if the broadband is down.

And So, When the Broadband is Not Working:

  01 -> PSTN

  00 -> Not Available

Because I don't want the 00xx numbers to be routed via PSTN, I have disabled the "Auto PSTN Fallback"

My problem now lies that when the broadband is down, my 01xx.<:@gw0> rule is not observed, and I cannot route via PSTN.

And what I actually get when broadband is not working is:

  01 -> Not Available

  00 -> Not Available

I have a nasty workaround, where I have had to set a rule to route any number starting with a # through the VOIP Provider, and have had to tun on the Auto PSTN Fallback. That way if you dial #00xx and the broadband is down, you get "PSTN number not available recording from the PSTN phone company" (because the number starts with a #).  This is not particularly transparent to the end user, as he has to decide which way to send his calls by prefixing some with a #.

Is there a plan to fix the Auto PSTN Fallback so that it will still route call-planned PSTN calls if "Auto PSTN Fallback" is off and the broadband is down (or could there be 2 dial-plan rules, one for when connected, and one for when not connected)?

Thanks and Regards,

Steve Clarke

Frequent Contributor

I will note your issue for the product manager to see if this can be done for a future release.

Thanks for your quick and supportive response.

Also, many thanks for a great bit of kit!



Just a thought ... if the feature were to be fixed where you can't dial out of PSTN if the network is down (and you have PSTN fallback disabled to prevent expensive, norally VOIP, phonecalls being unwittingly passed out of the PSTN), would it also be possible to ensure that PSTN calls are not dropped if the network goes down whilst the call is actually in progress?

Ta, Steve