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SPA3102 issues with paging

Apologies in advance for the novice level of the following question, I readily admit I'm out of my depth:  We have a SPA3102 that is used with a paging system.  The ethernet interface is connected to our VoIP system (through the cloud solution Jive.)  The PSTN line goes to the paging device.  We are able to call the extension we set up in the VoIP provider's portal for the ATA, and are able to send out a page.  The issue is when the caller hangs up their VoIP phone after making their page, we get about 10 seconds of busy signal that's played throughout the building over the paging system before the paging device itself disconnects.  To make matters worse, this is a police station, so you can imagine why I want to fix this ASAP.


This setup was working correctly (meaning the paging device disconnected immediately) up until a week ago when, for reasons I won't go into, we had to factory reset the ATA.  The vendor was able to walk me through re-provisioning the device to the point that functionality has been restored to the state I described above, but they are lost as to why this 10 second delay exists before the paging system disconnects after the VoIP call has ended. 


I have to think there's a setting somewhere in the ATA config that dictates how long to wait before sending the signal to disconnect.  Can someone point me in the direction to start looking?  I've crawled over the PSTN advanced config page and made changes to different fields that looked to be timing related but so far nothing has worked. 


Thanks in advance!