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SPA3102 - SPA112 Issue.


Hi all:

this is the fisrt time i have to extend a line with SPA3102 - SPA112, i have configured it and tested with a PSTN line and a local ethernet switch, i can make and recieve call. the problem starts when i connect the SPA3102 to a PBX, and the SPA112 is behind a wireless link i can recieve calls but not to make any call, SPA112 says Call state : invalid and Tone: Reorder under firmware 1.2, with the default firmware (1.9) Call tone was off-hook. SPA3102 have a line-in voltage: 28V. the wireless link is working as a WDS bridge, so mac addresses are passing as a normal ethernet switch.

any suggestions what can i check to solve this issue???

Thanks in advance!

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Howard Wittenberg

On the SPA3102 with the PSTN Line voltage of 28v this voltage is below the default SPA3102 "Line In Use Voltage" setting of 30v.  For the SPA3102 to take the FXO (PSTN Line) port off hook to dial a call on the analog connection you would need to reduce the "Line In Use Voltage" setting to a lower value, probably about 18v. 

The actual on-hook voltage needs to be higher than the Line In Use Voltage setting and the setting is usually set about half way between the on-hook and off-hook voltage readings.  An analog PBX often uses a lower voltage than a conventional PSTN Line.

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