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SPA8000 extensions can make but not receive calls

I'm new to using the SPA8000 but have substantial experience with the SPA112 2-port ATA.  I am attempting to register and use each of L1 to L8 against our AVAYA Session Manger (ASM).  I have no problem in registering each line against our ASM with each indicating they are registered (confirmed on the ASM).  Note that I have turned off the SPA8000 trunks as I do not plan to use them.

I can choose any of L1 to L8 and make a call without issue.... but I cannot receive a call against any of L1 though L8.  To simplify troubleshooting I disabled L2 to L8 and left L1 active for testing.

So if I call the extension associated with L1... it does not ring.  When I capture the debug info I see the following;
      M0: SIP:MBUF OVFL 4360/2559  (repeats 16x)

Wireshark shows clearly that the call invite (from the ASM) to the SPA8000 appears on the network segment, but there is no response from the SPA8000.
Any thoughts would be appreciated.

Dan Lukes

I have no experience with SPA8000 (I have no such device at all), moreover debug messages of SPA8000 are not documented by Cisco, so consider the following just blind shot ...

      M0: SIP:MBUF OVFL 4360/2559

OVFL may be abbreviation of Overflow. It may mean that 4360 bytes of SIP message doesn't fit Memory BUFfer with just 2559 bytes left.

You mentioned INVITE catched by Wireshark. Can you disclose the size of INVITE packet (and it's text content, if possible) ?


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