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SPA8000 factory reset requires password

I have inherited 2 Cisco SPA8000 ATAs.  No one seems to know what the administrative password was set to, so the only option I have at this point is to perform a factory reset.

Enter the instructions to connect and analog telephone, hit ****73738#1# and poof the unit is reset.

Problem: When you connect the phone and enter ****73738# it prompts for a password.  What is that password?  I don't know, that is why I am performing the factory reset.

So, how does one reset a lost/forgotten admin password, when the factory reset requires the admin password, or at least some unknown to me password?

Has anyone else figured out how to reset this device or do I have 2 new doorstops?

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You used wrong wording:

You used wrong wording:

only option I have at this point is to perform a factory reset

should be

only chance I have at this point is to perform a factory reset


Now you know you are out of luck. SPA8000 can be configured not to allow reset to factory default unless administrator password entered. Your SPA8000 seems to be configured this way. And your luck is over.

You have not one option but two options now. Either previous administrator will disclose admin password to you. Or you have 2 new doorstops ...


@Dan Lukes  


LOL!  My bad on wording!

Yeah the 2 options you list are the 2 that I had resigned myself to.  Previous admin is now out of the country, so that probably won't happen, either.

Thank you!


Well, there are some tricks

Well, there are some tricks you may try. Not every device is properly locked by it's administrator.

If remote provisioning on the device is not hardened properly, there may be a way to substitute configuration (including new admin password) to it.

But it's rather hacking - nothing I can describe by step-by-step manual easily.

You need to monitor all SPA8000's network configuration (remote configuration may be fetched periodically). You may try to push SPA8000 to resync configuration right now (either from Web UI or using SIP OPTION packet). Also DHCP can be used to deliver new remote configuration URL to device (but it probably will not work on device already configured).

If you will have luck, you will catch SPA8000 attempt to fetch remote configuration. In such case your luck is not definitely over (although it still doesn't mean we will be able to break in).