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SPA8800 documentation not matching actual device


I have an SPA 8800 that I am trying to configure trunking on. The problem is when I log into the configuration interface as directed by cisco's documentation - the trunking option is not available. What is described on the following link is not available -

The firware version is 6.1.7. Has anyone seen this? I can go into Voice and then into Line 1 thru 4 but no trunking option??? All the documentation I have come accross says it supports trunking but why would this option not available ?

Can anybody at Cisco confirm this problem?



Adding on what I posted earlier - page 82 (configuring hunt groups) of the following document shows that we can configure Trunk groups but the web interface of the actual device does not have this option.

Dear Bunge;

Not sure if you have noticed it, but all documents refer to SPA8000 which indeed support trunking. SPA8800 does not support trunking yet. This feature is on the 2011 roadmap.


Thanks for your reply Alberto. At least I now know that trunkingis not support on the SPA8800.

I referred to this document because it came in the CD that was shipped with the 8800 device.  I wondering why cisco is shipping this document with the SPA8800 while they know that it does not support trunking. Doesn't Cisco have an Administration/Configuration guide for this particular device?

Hi there,

We do have an administrator's guide available for our ATA devices, please be wary of sections specifically involving certain model numbers, as some of our ATAs have different feature sets and capabilities than others.


-Lindsey Lewis

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