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VG224 sometimes dials 1 at off hook

With a VG224 set up with 4 number dialing (number range is 11xx, 85xx and 89xx across multiple VG224), the issue I'm having  is that when the analogue phone goes off hook I intermittently get no dial tone and after a while I get a message to check the number.

Further testing when its taken off hook with no dial tone and try to dial any of the number by the time I press the 2nd or 3rd number I again get presented with the check the number message again. With further experimenting in this state I have found that it dials 1 when the phone is taken off hook so when I dial 108 I then get extension 1108.

When I do get dial tone at off hook I can dial any 4 number extension when fully dialed.

This issue is happening on all of the VG224 within the network, some more prevalent than others but when it gets no dial tone at off hook they all pre-dial a 1