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WRP400 stops responding after browsing certain websites


Hi support

We are a danish ISP who use Linksys RTP300 and WRP400 routers as CPE equitment. Trough our Danish Cisco contact (Henrik Bønnelycke) we have been told to discuss our prolems with the WRP400 router here.

Our problem is that the router seems quite unstable at many customers (who have no problem with RTP300). In the last few months we have been forced to replace a large amount of routes because the WRP400 just router stops responding (Cannot ping LAN+WAN interface, phone dead) while browsing certain websites fx. At the time we are not able to repoduce the error here i the office and the problem are only at some customers.

At the begining we testet if the customers NIC was the source to the failure but as I see it it is not the case. We have tryid to exchange the customers NIS card and the problem was the same. Together with the fact that it works with a RTP300 router we must conclude something must be wrong with the WRP400.

From my point of view the problem could be related to the router content filter, activex filter or something like that when all the customers all have the problem on certain websites.

Please help we replaces 10-20 WRP400 routes every week right now and have no faith let for the WRP400 router.


René Gjerlev Pedersen


Bredbåndnord I/S

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Hello aemcomcco,

I like that you have posted positive feedback of version 2.00.21, but I can't find any reference to version 2.00.21 only 2.00.20 on Cisco's web site.

Nicky Smith, President

1-800-444-5557 Ext 105

Anybody know the difference between the FCC bin file and the ETSI bin file?

FCC is the abbreviation of Federal Communications Commission and ETSI is the abbreviation of European Telecommunications Standards Institute.

WiFi must be certified under these authority institutes. So, Cisco releases two firmware. One for use in Europe and one for use in United States.

Please be advised that I will be out of the office, Beginning Friday December 3'd, and will be returning on Tuesday, December 7th. Should you need Immediate Assistance, please call 1800-788-0363, Ext 1 for support and they will direct your call accordingly.

Warmest regards,


Chris Meilleur

Voice Operations Center

Vianet Internet Solutions

705-222-9996 Or Toll free

1-800-788-0306 EXT 5275

Hello everyone on this post since April 2009. This looks to be a very old and unsolved mystery. I haven't read all of the post to this thread, but can see a lot of very frustrated users all trying to get the WRP-400 working correctly and not locking up.

We are a VoIP service provider and have deployed a number of these router/wireless/ATA WRP400 and find the price-point for the features to be excellent. With that being said, we too are having a number of WRP-400 problems and can't figure this one out. We have our best router engineers working on this issue and can't find the root cause of the failure.

We have updated the firmware on all of them to the lastest 1.01.00 dated 27/Feb/2009 and have not attempted to use the firmware 2.00.20 because we have see so many people have even more serious issues with the 2.x firmware.

The WRP400s that lock up are random, but this issue may be high traffic based. What I suspect is when the router has a high volume of traffic on the WAN port, the processor, or the tables that maintain the IP tables gets wacked and it will loose it's WAN address, doesn't know that it need to reaquire a new IP address connection and simply gives the look-and-feel it is locked up. What is interesting is when this event happens the LAN is all working find and connection between LAN devices work fine, including connection via the WiFi. Just not access to the outside WAN.

I am hopeful that someone, in a senior position at Cisco (legacy Linksys) is reading this post and can offer some serious suggestions to how to fix this issue. It looks like Cisco may be trying to EOL (End of Life) this WRP-400 and I and hoping that is not the case because this product fits into a small to medium business well, if it will work as designed.

Nicky Smith, President

1-800-444-5557 Ext 105

In these months I've tested many beta firmwares.
The 2.00.21 is a beta software used in my network with few problems. It has a good stability and performance. I've tested it on about 2000 WRP400s.

I've also tested other newer firmwares with more improvments and so I'm waiting for the official release expected in these days.

This is the original communication of Lance Harper of Cisco:

We will freeze the WRP400 code on December 15th and submit to our QA Testing Team.  We expect to post GA firmware on January 14th, 2011.


Besides the fact that there is no new firmware version that solves this issue, an EOL announcement has not been made yet for the WRP400.

However, a new range of products has been released to replace the WRP400, namely the SRP500 series routers.

Info :

They easily replace and outperform the WRP400 routers so if you might be looking for a replacement ... look no further.

Best regards,

the SRP500 series is no near the price range of the WRP400.

as far as I know the wrp400-g2 is going EOL.

But there is a new version wrp400-g3 that is available, it isn't?

Then SRP500 is another class in terms of features (802.11n and VPN) and price.



Unfortunately, the SRP500 series routers are no better.

I am a pissed off WRP400 owner and I decided to bite-the-bullet and fork out for a new SRP521W two weeks ago, thinking it would solve all of the WRP400's problems. Much to my disappointment, after 3 days, I find they are experiencing the EXACT same speed slow down and locking up issues. Here's some similar forum threads about the SRP500 models...

Mike Walen

I don't think I'm going to waste my time looking at the Cisco SRP-521W as a replacement for the WRP-400. Maybe it time to accept that an "all-in-one device" is not the best solution, at leaset not from Cisco.

As a VoIP services provider I can't afford the customer frustration and downtime. I think I'm just going to go back to a good low-end Router/Firewall/WiFi device like the SonicWall TZ-100W and keep the ATA out of the router. There are plenty of good ATAs on the market that work well as SIP and/or IAX connections.

I welcome anyones comments on another $200-$400 price range Router/Firewall/WiFi device (Cisco or other) that has good control over QoS for VoIP traffic and bandwdith management. I would also like my ideal small office router to have SNMP.

Nicky Smith, President

(888) 400-5557 Ext 105

David Carr
Frequent Contributor
Frequent Contributor

We apologize for any inconvenience your receiving from the WRP400's, if you could please contact the SBSC at 866-606-1866 or find your local suppport center at he following link

We would like to get documented cases so we can work towards getting a solution for you all.

Hello Eric, Davis and others on the Cisco team,

I am delighted to hear the technical staff at Cisco is listening and recognize there are some serious firmware issues with the WRP-400. I will make my call this week and get these defective units replaced, if you feel replacing them will solve the problems. Frankly, I don't think the problem is the hardware is bad but I feel the firmware has unresolved issues.

My most recent discovery is that I think we have diagnosed that when using one or two (doesn't matter) of the ATA ports connected to our VoIP servers within the WRP-400, that something is causing the DHCP application within the router's firmware to loose the reassigned IPs from the DHCP application, giving the impression that the router is locked up, but in fact the router is not locked up because 1) the ATA can still accept and place calls and 2) the gateway WAN address is still pingable and looks to be alive. When not using the ATA part of the router we have never see the router "lock-up" or in my analysis the DHCP process stop running and the IP tables disappear. Thus, my possible conclusion is that the DHCP process has a memory leak, runaway process, or simply fails to run for some unknow reason possible caused by a error in the firmware, or an overflow of errors that the router doesn;t know how to handle.

I hope this is helpful for the Cisco engineers working on this issue, because if you are able to fix this problem, you have a great low-end office router offering.

Nicky Smith, President

1-336-544-4000 Ext 105


It is really strange that nothing has happenede, and now again we are told to report

problems. The phone no. does not do any good fr

om Europe and the link does not show me how to report problems.

I have had a the WRP400 for almost a year and still have problems.

The voice cuts the speak to the caller sometimes.

The net connection goes down and the router has to be turned of and restarted to get it running again.

I have tried several versions and settings provided by my phone provider without any improvement so far.

When i set the settings it works OK, but some time later some of the settings are back to the original.

Sometimes I have to press save several times before all settings stay as they should.

If I save the file and restore the file some of the settings are not as I set them but as factory set up.

Is there no one from this company that can get things to happen.

This many people do not report that many problems if there are no problems, and I am sure several in this forum has the knowledge to help and test a lot of things.


Mr. Carstens,

Hi, My name is Eric Moyers. I am a Network Support Engineer in the Cisco Small Business Support Center.

First let me say that I apologize for the problems that you have been having with the WRP400. Please be assured that we here at Cisco are working towards a resolute resolve of the issues that several of the owners of WRP400 routers have been having. Unfortunately it is a long process of finding the cause of the defects and then testing to ensure that any fixes do not inadvertently cause other issues.

With that being said we have inlisted a few customers to run some beta-firmware for us to get some real world testing. I would like to include you in that testing. I currently have one other customer from Europe, helping with the testing. If you would consent, please let me know and I can get things started for you. We have seen some positive results but we are still in the process of making improvements.

Eric Moyers
Cisco Network Support Engineer

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