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WRP400 stops responding after browsing certain websites


Hi support

We are a danish ISP who use Linksys RTP300 and WRP400 routers as CPE equitment. Trough our Danish Cisco contact (Henrik Bønnelycke) we have been told to discuss our prolems with the WRP400 router here.

Our problem is that the router seems quite unstable at many customers (who have no problem with RTP300). In the last few months we have been forced to replace a large amount of routes because the WRP400 just router stops responding (Cannot ping LAN+WAN interface, phone dead) while browsing certain websites fx. At the time we are not able to repoduce the error here i the office and the problem are only at some customers.

At the begining we testet if the customers NIC was the source to the failure but as I see it it is not the case. We have tryid to exchange the customers NIS card and the problem was the same. Together with the fact that it works with a RTP300 router we must conclude something must be wrong with the WRP400.

From my point of view the problem could be related to the router content filter, activex filter or something like that when all the customers all have the problem on certain websites.

Please help we replaces 10-20 WRP400 routes every week right now and have no faith let for the WRP400 router.


René Gjerlev Pedersen


Bredbåndnord I/S

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Hi sberla544

I have been having endless issues with this router freezing, and had syslogged the SIP traffic, and could see the attacks happening, and the router would then freeze up after 30 odd seconds of the attack, never to recover. (pull power the only option)

I have been talking with my VOIP provider and they suggested the "Restrict Source IP" be set to on, so have done this, and seems to be helping, but too early yet to see if it is a cure, helps or no change.

It was also recommended that I restrict the incoming SIP traffic to only allow my VOIP provider, so any attacks would not get through, but I am assuming this requires another firewall being on the Internet side of this wrp400, meaning this wrp400 is not actually on the Internet. I thought this wrp400 was a firewall, and should be able to be directly on the Internet.

How did you implement part 2 of your fixes? did it require another firewall, or can it be done on this wrp400?


Hello Glen!

The freeze problem, related to the SIP attacks, that you have experienced is the same we all have experienced, i think.

The WRP400 can't resist those attacks...

In my opinion, the Restrict Source IP set ON is a good help but i've seen that, sooner or later, the WRP400 freeze anyway. Maybe not every couple of days, but it still freeze.

Anyway, i think it's the only line of defense you can have...

The Restrict Source IP makes the WRP400 accepting the SIP traffick only from your ISP, as your VOIP provider suggested you, but, anyway, the WRP400 receive a lot of SIP requests (the attacks...) and it have to drop them, and this makes him freeze, because they are too much.

Regarding the part 2, the block of the external incoming traffic on the 5060 port, me and my mates are a Internet Service Provider, so we've blocked it on our internet gateways (the first devices that connect our network to the internet).

You could ask the same thing to your ISP.

Otherwise, you could try with and hardware firewall installed before your WRP400...

The WRP400 itself can't do this.

Best regards.


I start to write again in this thread after a lot of time, to ask you if you have finally fixed the WRP400 stability issue.

I created a new thread at this link:

Any comments are appreciated.

I'm having the same issue with the WRP400, Firmware Version: 2.00.26 ..... Internet access is hampered over time... only fixed by a reboot.

It's driving me mental......  I've read most of this thread, is there any total fix???

Edit: 'Restrict Source IP' has been set to Yes (both line & one turned off) for the past few weeks

ECHO.... echo........ cue tumbleweed!

The really annoying thing is this product is still being sold

I've got three of these deployed using the latest firmware and using the specified setup options. I've seen no problems. Maybe I'm lucky or not under attack from SIP hackers.

I'm here again with a new feedback.

We have tested two beta firmware: 2.00.27, and 2.00.30.

We updated up to 2k WRP400 with the beta firmware 2.00.30 activating the  automatic reset under "administration-system-automatic mainteinence" setted to  Saturday 3AM weekly.

After a weekend, a lot of WRP400 have the same  problems:

    - voice module freeze with web manu unaccessible, the browser  responds with "Error 324 (net::ERR_EMPTY_RESPONSE): The server has closed the  connection without send data"

    - reboot button and reboot URL string and  other operations have no effects

    - after working ******* the router web  menu, the device blocks its web menu

    - customer surfing works and we have  ping responses

    - only the hard reset re-establish the correct  work

So, we have configures the daily restart. In this case the major part of the WRPs restarted as expected.

In our opinion the weekly programmable reboot doesn't work properly, we  have some devices with this function enabled but with uptime greater than 2  weeks:

Product Name: WRP400 Serial Number: CR301J605494

  Software  Version: 2.00.30 Hardware Version: 1.00.01

  Voice Module Version:  1.0.18(20101206a) MAC Address: 0023697CE18D

  Client Certificate: Installed  Customization: Open

System Status      

  Current Time: 6/13/2012  14:54:40 Elapsed Time: 13 days and 19:55:39

  RTP Packets Sent: 826578 RTP  Bytes Sent: 18994020

  RTP Packets Recv: 827516 RTP Bytes Recv: 19014115

   SIP Messages Sent: 9308 SIP Bytes Sent: 6861861

  SIP Messages Recv: 16834  SIP Bytes Recv: 6404342

Probably, in 7 days the blocking condition stops the cron function.

Another consideration, the voice module  version in the firmware 2.00.30 is 1.0.18(20101206a), while in firmware version  2.00.27 the voice module is more recent: 1.0.19(2011110Test).

Can you clarify  why?

We have an other important feedback regarding the firmware 2.00.30 for the  WRP400.
The auto restart function of the voice module works right but it  starts also when the line is in used causing hanged calls.

Can you fix this issue implementing an idle reset of the voice module?

You can find a WRP400 log in attached.


Hi Cisco, I need some informations about WRP400  Freezing problem.

First of all, the auto reboot feature of voice  module introduced in 2.00.30 firmware has partially fixed the issue but I've  still many devices with same problem.

In addition, this feature causes hanging calls. The  idle reset is a must.
The WRP must reset voice module only if there are no  active calls.
This is the request of CSCub70060. What is the severity level  of this case? I hope level 3 or 2.

Is there a way to implement a daily idle reboot  feature of both, router and voice, modules? In my opinion this type of reboot  (only when there are no active calls) should solve the problem  definitively.

I'll wait your feedback.

Best Regards.

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