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WRP400 stops responding after browsing certain websites

Hi support

We are a danish ISP who use Linksys RTP300 and WRP400 routers as CPE equitment. Trough our Danish Cisco contact (Henrik Bønnelycke) we have been told to discuss our prolems with the WRP400 router here.

Our problem is that the router seems quite unstable at many customers (who have no problem with RTP300). In the last few months we have been forced to replace a large amount of routes because the WRP400 just router stops responding (Cannot ping LAN+WAN interface, phone dead) while browsing certain websites fx. At the time we are not able to repoduce the error here i the office and the problem are only at some customers.

At the begining we testet if the customers NIC was the source to the failure but as I see it it is not the case. We have tryid to exchange the customers NIS card and the problem was the same. Together with the fact that it works with a RTP300 router we must conclude something must be wrong with the WRP400.

From my point of view the problem could be related to the router content filter, activex filter or something like that when all the customers all have the problem on certain websites.

Please help we replaces 10-20 WRP400 routes every week right now and have no faith let for the WRP400 router.


René Gjerlev Pedersen


Bredbåndnord I/S

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Hi, I just found a critical bug in f/w v2.00.20.

When upgrading some provisioned units, I suddenly lost provisioning contact with one unit (it stopped checking for new config files).
At the same time, I noticed requests for an unknown config file as well as "Resync failed" errors in my syslog.

As it turnes out, one of the units started requesting a config file named with MAC address of the cloned MAC settings instead of the real MAC.

I use [$MAU.xml] in the profile rule and this will in v2.00.20 pick up the cloned MAC if customer has configured this.

Please verify my findings.


Nick Leo

Frequent Contributor

Nick, dev is looking into this issue but are asking the following....


I'm trying to reproduce it, I use configured xml with MAC Clone enabled, and every 60 seconds to resync different xml by http profile rule.

But it seems hard to reproduce it.

so could you ask for more detail info? such as

    what's the profile rule, http or https?

    each time when it failed, the config file name and mac addr in syslog are all changed?

    The typical syslog should have failed reason like this:

      WRP400 00:23:69:78:DD:1A -- Resync failed: file not found

It's better if we can get the syslog, and the xml config file.


Please provide and I'll forward to dev.  Thanks.


Profile rule is http.

After upgrade, the ATA constantly called for the config file using it's cloned MAC address in the file name (and still is).

In order to regain control, I manually renamed the config file with the cloned MAC address in file name.

[--key $A] http://*******/******/$MAU.xml

Syslog did not report more as I used Debug Level 0.

WRP400 **:**:**:**:**:** -- Resync failed: file not found

If you want my XML file, pls give me your address at cisco.


Frequent Contributor

Send to my user name which is shown as nseto at


Dear Lance,

I am a WRP400 user base in New Zealand who is also experiencing serious issues with this device. We are on a 50Mbps fibre connection and we find we need to reboot the device every 3-5 days because the speed steadily drops over the hours (down as low as 3-5Mpbs or wherever I get fed up with it and reboot). The knock-on effect of the slow speed is the degradation in the VoIP service, which seems to be the centre topic of this forum.

As per your suggestion of trying out the beta version of the latest firmware, I contacted the Small Business Support Centre on 1866 606 1866 but got nowhere. The support guy I spoke to - Ed - was only able to send me the 2.00.20 version of the firmware which I am already running. As it was 6:00pm on Sunday where Ed was (it was lunchtime on Monday here in New Zealand) there was no-one around he could ask.

I'm hoping you or someone can post a link or email the 2.00.21 beta firmware to me at "mike dot walen at keyimagery dot com" as it is proving difficult with the time difference to source it from NZ.

Kind regards,

Mike Walen


Mr. Walen,

Hi, My name is Eric Moyers. I am a Network Support Engineer in the Cisco Small Business Support Center. I can get you a copy of the firmware that you are looking for. I will contact you by email.


Eric Moyers
Cisco SBSC Network Engineer


Can you also send me the beta firmware?



I'm having the same problems as well. Would it be possible to get the beta firmware so I can test it and see if the problem persists?

Thank you,



Please send me your Contact info to "emoyers at cisco dot com"


After some intensive searching i finally found 1.00.04.c fw at some obscure site. please dont post rapidshares anymore. They actually delete files that are inactive after some time. Whats up with that. well enjoy.

I installed it and seems to work fine for now.


Hello ,i just red whole thread.

I'm working for Cisco support partner and just got a few tickets about this problem on WRP400.

to >  Firware version 1.00.04.c is on some of problematic units too and itself not solving this problem. Now testing Restrict Source IP and Auth Invite options enabled.


Hi Experts, I come back with a positive feedback of version 2.00.21.
During this week I've deployed new firmware to about 2000 WRP400.
The new software increases stability of devices but there are still a little problems.
I've appreciated your work and I think that this firmware, with some little adjustment, can be a good software.
1) minor web gui bug
In wireless menu the changing of 802.11g/b mode to mixed mode locks the SSID text box.
2) FAX problem with NSE Payload C0000000
After many tests and debugs I see that WRP400 doesn't recognize NSE event sent from PSTN Gateway (in my case Cisco AS5400HPX).
From debug and wireshark traces you can see that the GATEWAY sends NSE 192 event correctly. If you see attachments, the RTP payload is c0000000 where c0 in hexadecimal is 192 in decimal (the NSE event), but the rest is all 0.
In this specific case  the WRP400 doesn't activate its FAX capability.
So I've try to compare this scenario with a working one. The only difference is in the Payload content of NSE messages. A different PSTN gateway (cisco 2621XM) sent a NSE message with payload c096c40e.
In this case WRP detects correctly NSE message.

3) in a specific case,  provisioning resets the configuration to default

In some cases our technicians configure WRP400 with a file loaded from "Administration - Config Management - Restone Configuration" web menu.
This file was generated from a device with firmware version 1.x.x.
After this procedure all work right.
With firmware 2.00.21, if after restoring procedure the WRP gets a new configuration via provisioning, it restarts in default mode.

I hope that this informations can be helpfull for you.
Now I'm waiting for your feedback.
Best regards.
Frequent Contributor

In regards to item 2, dev comment is

Can you ask customer whether it only failed with Cisco AS5400HPX? Or it only works with cisco 2621XM, I want to know is it a general issue or just a specific case.


The fax problem described in item 2 is present only between WRP400 and cisco AS5400 HPX.
I tested same scenario with different gateways (cisco 2621XM, cisco 1760, etc.) without problems.

AS5400 is a common gateway in a Cisco PGW installation.

If you need more traces or logs, ask me.


Frequent Contributor

Yes, please send the trace to me at nseto at  Thanks.