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Call history sycn and save in the server

When the jabber client is offline no call history is showing on the missed call.

Can you please save the call history in the cucm server and sync this with the jabber client :-(

This is one of the big problem, and a must have

lior louk

I'm not sure if you have a solution with Jabber alone.

Remember, the client is listener to online call events and considering that it update him's history records.

But you definitely can create a solution for that. Try to build an IIS service to pull the missed call records from phone and push it to Jabber client. Take your time for reading of phone execute Sdk and Axl for presence information.

Hi thanks, can you send me a how to?

The better way is the call history is save global on the cucm server and all devices sync the history with the server. (All devices 8945 / 7925g, Cisco Jabber on Windows and on Mobile android or iphone)

This is not a good Cisco UC solution?

How can cisco this implement in the next version on over all devices for a better usibiltiy?

The user work on pc with the jabber client. When the pc is off oven night and a customer call in this time. It never show this and the customer i cant call back. The user must show in the telefon call history manuel and can find the number, but only the number and not the adressname from the ldap space :-(..... this is really really not good solution.

Another system work with global call historys, and this is a real UC Solution

Von Outlook Mobile<> gesendet

Ok I thought for another solution.

You can build IIS service with CTI listener to learning all call events of phones.

When you get in the Jabber you can pull the new records to the Jabber's directory with trigger (type of button to sync), Or you could create a task schedule for update the Jabber's directories.

You haven't something built in the Cucm, you have to develop that.

Which mode do you use with Jabber? SoftPhone or DeskPhone?

If desk, the customer can see the missed call into the phone.

In addition you can see at the CUC release node version 11.x, you have there a solution for missed calls that send to the mailbox of employee.

Can you send me the IIS Solution?


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An: Schraml, Philipp <>

Betreff: Re: - Call history sycn and save in the server

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Call history sycn and save in the server

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