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Cisco Unified IP Phone Web Integration onEvent


I really need your help about the integration capabilities of Cisco Unified IP Phones.
In fact, I already checked the sdk, but my I m not a Cisco Professional so my understanding is not perfect.

I'm a developer, and I try to extend my cisco phone. My need :
I would like to be able to handle incoming calls, each time my phone is ringing, I would like to call a specific URL with the incoming phone number as parameter, and to display this web page directly on my computer screen.

I use Jabber, so maybe I can Interact directly from Jabber ?

Is it possible ? And how can I do it ?

Thank you in advance for your help

Cisco Employee

There are a couple of ways you could approach this:

Jabber for Windows - this full Jabber client can be used to monitor/control a deskphone (or itself function as a softphone.)  Jabber for Windows also has the ability to define 'custom tabs' for displaying additional web-based data.  There are custom Javascript functions and events - e.g. 'OnTelephonyConversationStateChanged' - which can be used by the web page in a tab to learn about new calls, extract caller ID info, and potentially direct the page to a calculated URL - e.g. via 'window.location.href'

Cisco Jabber for Windows 9.7 Installation and Configuration Guide - Configure Cisco Jabber [Cisco Jabber for Windows] - …

Jabber SDK Voice/Video plugin - If you will always have a browser open, you may be interested in this API, which requires installing a plugin into the browser and using the provided cwic.js library.  Similar to Jabber for Windows, the Jabber SDK can monitor a deskphone or function as a stand-alone softphone.  Either way, Javascript events (including info like caller ID) are available whereby the web page could be redirected to a desired URL

CTI (TAPI/JTAPI) - TAPI (Windows only C library) and JTAPI (Java library) provide PC applications with the ability to monitor/control phone, and receive events/caller ID.  The PC application could then launch a browser to a particular URL.  Note the CTI interfaces can monitor multiple phones, and are commonly used in a client-server architecture, where an application server uses TAPI or JTAPI to monitor all user devices, and provides events via some RPC mechanism to a client based app of some kind.

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