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Jabber BOT: Action for incoming Call

Daniel Flieth

Hi, is there any way to do an action when jabber receive an incoming call? Maybe the Chatbot get the information and open a link or send a link which the user can open?

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Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

If you're referring to a web application running in Jabber 'custom tab' - there are some JS events you can subscribe to, see:

If you're talking about the Jabber Bot SDK/Botkit, then that will not be able to provide call events.  You could, however, receive call events separately using one of CTI APIs, i.e. TAPI or JTAPI:

Thank you very much for this information. 


I my base i would like to use the custom tab solution. 


Is it possible with this solution to open a specific Site in the custom tab if the user gets an incoming call or if he accept the call?

I would imagine in the JS handler for the event you would perform a window.navigate() or similar to go to a different URL

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