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Jabber SDK login issue

ra 011

i'm having a Jabber SDK for web setup successfully ,

it's working normally from some PCs and from another PCs not working correctly ,

although both types has the same network Access, browser version , plugin version , ...

attached log file for both working and non working scenario , if any one could advise with a specific part of configuration

i've to confirm on the non working PC

Summary of errors in log :

2021-05-25 09:47:54,791 WARN [0x0000f028] [overyConfigurationInterfaceImpl.cpp(155)] [service-discovery] [CSFUnified::DiscoveryConfigurationInterfaceImpl::getUserProfileEmailAddressFromDispatcherThread] - Email Address is not set.

2021-05-25 09:47:54,791 WARN [0x0000fb3c] [coveryConfigurationInterfaceImpl.cpp(87)] [service-discovery] [CSFUnified::DiscoveryConfigurationInterfaceImpl::getDomain] - Unable to get the email address. Edge Login may fail!!

2021-05-25 09:47:54,791 WARN [0x0000fb3c] [scovery\ServiceDiscoveryHandler.cpp(220)] [service-discovery] [CSFUnified::ServiceDiscoveryHandler::setupDiscovery] - *-----* No domain available, unable to setup discovery.

2021-05-25 09:47:54,791 WARN [0x0000fb3c] [scovery\ServiceDiscoveryHandler.cpp(305)] [service-discovery] [CSFUnified::ServiceDiscoveryHandler::ManualDiscovery] - Unable to setup the discovery process. Returning FAILED_MALFORMED_EMAIL_ADDRESS

2021-05-25 09:47:54,812 WARN [0x0000f028] [vices\impl\DiscoveryHandlerImpl.cpp(807)] [service-discovery] [CSFUnified::DiscoveryHandlerImpl::callOnEmailAddressRequiredOnDispatcherThread] - *-----* Discovery - onEmailAddressRequired.

2021-05-25 09:47:54,812 DEBUG [0x0000f028] [trollers\JCFLifecycleController.cpp(282)] [webuc.jcfwrapper.JCFLifecycleController] [webuc::JCFLifecycleController::onLifeCycleStateChanged] - Lifecycle state changed to: SIGNEDOUT


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Alex Stevenson
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee


Hello @ra 011,


I’ve reviewed the logs (thanks so much for sharing those) and have observed the following from the not working.txt logs:


#1 Error:

Error: 2021-05-25 09:47:34,785 ERROR [0x000085b0] [src\jsdk\src\ClientManager.cpp(125)     ] [webuc] [webuc::ClientManager::getClientAuthorizationStatus] - Client with id: 441761.101 doesn't exist

Possible Fix: Similar error codes found in Troubleshoot Jabber Login Problems


#2 Error:

Error: 2021-05-25 09:47:35,238 ERROR [0x0000f028] [\adapters\config\ConfigAdapter.cpp(1034)] [ConfigService-ConfigAdapter] [CSFUnified::ConfigAdapter::getConfig] - Config FeatureSet Not Started

Possible Fix: You may have a problem with your CUPS server and/or not have this user assigned to a presence server. To verify this is the problem, try manual sign-in to CUCM (phone features only). If you can sign-in to phone features, your problem is with CUPS. Make sure you have assigned this end user to a CUPS server and that the CUPS server is in a good state. The following log lines demonstrate there is a CUPS issue (among others):

2021-05-25 09:47:35,425 WARN  [0x0000f028] [src\dnsutils\win32\win32DnsUtils.cpp(52)] [csf.dns] [csf::dns::mapFromWindowsDNSResult] - *-----* DNS query _cuplogin._tcp. has failed: DNS name does not exist.


2021-05-25 09:47:35,488 DEBUG [0x0000f028] [sf-netutils\src\common\PolicySet.cpp(79)] [csf.common.PolicySet] [csf::common::PolicySet::getPolicy] - Policy not found with nature EDGE_CAPABILITY


#3 Error:

Error: According to Cisco Jabber logs analysis, by Kanishka Singh:

“Edge determines whether the jabber is inside or outside the organization/ corporate firewall, which is entirely based on the records returned from the DNS.

If _cisco-uds SRV record returns an address, this determines that jabber is inside the organization network.

If _collab-edge SRV record lookup returns an address: Jabber determines that it is outside the organizations’ network. HTTP transform all traffic and route through expressway-e.”

Unfortunately, the logs you provide shows both failed:

2021-05-25 09:47:37,499 WARN  [0x00009c48] [src\dnsutils\win32\win32DnsUtils.cpp(52)] [csf.dns] [csf::dns::mapFromWindowsDNSResult] - *-----* DNS query _cisco-uds._tcp. has failed: DNS name does not exist.

2021-05-25 09:47:35,488 WARN  [0x0000f028] [src\dnsutils\win32\win32DnsUtils.cpp(52)] [csf.dns] [csf::dns::mapFromWindowsDNSResult] - *-----* DNS query _collab-edge._tls. has failed: DNS name does not exist.

Possible Fix: see Cisco Jabber logs analysis



Other Resources:

Troubleshooting Jabber Like a TAC Engineer – Cisco Live

Collaboration Edge Troubleshooting – Cisco Live


Hope this helps!

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