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Setting a Post-Greeting Recording with CUPI?

I am trying to use CUPI to modify post-greeting recording settings for users, but the documentation seems off. I'm told to use the URL https://<connection-server>/vmrest/postgreetingrecordings, but this gives me a 404 error. Also, when the post-greeting recording is on, the documentation says I should see  <PlayPostGreetingRecording> and <PostGreetingRecordingObjectId> tags in the XML returned by https://<connection-server>/vmrest/handlers/callhandlers/<call-handler-object-id>, but those tags aren't present

This is on CUC 8.6

So any ideas? Is the information there, but hiding at other URIs or under different tag names? The PGR is working so I know the information is there somewhere, I just don't know how to touch it via CUPI.

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Geevarghese Cheria
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

Hi Christopher,

Please refer the following link -  Binary file upload via CUPI for related information.

Thanks and Regards,


Thanks, but I'm not trying to upload any audio. Here's my situation:

I want to use CUPI to change which existing post-greeting recording plays after a user's greeting. The documentation states that I will find the ObjectIDs for each of my PGRs by doing a GET to <connection-server>/vmrest/postgreetingrecordings, but I get a 404 error. Further, I'm told that I can find the current PGR's OID under the user's assigned call handler at /vmrest/handlers/callhandlers/<call-handler-OID>, but it is not there. Clearly, the documentation in the wiki isn't right regarding post-greeting recordings.

Is there a link to the correct documentation, or is there something I'm missing?

Thanks and regards,


Hey Christopher

Post greeting recordings weren't implemented in 8.6 - I checked my 9.0, 9.1 and 10.0 servers and PGRs are in there in all 3 but not 8.6.

When in doubt as to what's implemented on the version of Connection you're working with just use the WADL - you can get this using "http://<connection server>/vmrst/application.wadl" - it'll contain the complete object map as well as which actions are supported (older versions had GET only support for some items for instance and PUT/POST/DELETE was implemented in later versions). 

In this case search for "postgreeting" in the output - you wont find it for 8.6, you will in 9.0 and later.

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