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Webex SDK Android No Sound Output

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I created an Android App using Android Studio and the Webex Android SDK Version 2.8.0.

We use JWTs for authentication. When initiating a call to another Webex user everything works like it should except of the audio.

On the Webex Web App in the browser we hear the audio coming from the Android Device but on the Android Device we dont hear anything.


We are facing the same issue when using the Kitchen Sink Sample App Version 2.8.0 (


We tried to upgrade our App to the SDK Version 3.0.0 but when trying to authenticate with our JWT we get an unexpected error (-7000). We are having the same problem using the Kitchen Sink Sample App Version 3.0.0 ( 



Is there some option in SDK 2.8.0 we can set for the audio? 

Or is there something we can do to get our JWTs working in SDK 3.0.0 and check, if the audio works there?




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Alex Stevenson
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee


Hello @f.hartmann,


You can find help from the Webex Developer Support team - here is the link where you can access the support options for Webex for Developers:


Through there, you can join the Webex messaging space webex4devs and/or create a support ticket.


Hope this helps!