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2811 and 1921 routers

Khurram Noor


I am trying to discover 2811 and a 1921 router using APIC-EM v 1.2, but unsuccessful. Can you kindly advise if these are supported platforms in APIC?



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Thanks yawchen,

The link you send says that all ISR G2 routers are supported.

Cisco 2800 series, i guess is not ISR G2 series so it may not be supported, Alas the client i am working on has a lot of these.

What about Cisco 1921, it is listed in the G2 series models on cisco website, but on the physical router itself, i cant see G2 written. How can i determine whether its G2 or not.



Any 18XX, 28XX, 38XX are the G1s, not G2s. Any 19XX, 29XX, 39XX are the G2s.

Having said that, there may be a limited set of G2s that are supported (and 1921 may not be one of them). It's better to check for specifically supported platforms in data sheets & release notes for APIC-EM.

1921 are supported.

Just remember, there are different levels of support for platforms too.

Base support:  discovery/inventory etc

App support:  PnP/IWAN/EQ etc.

release notes have all the details.

Also, by definition, if the platform is supported in app (like PnP) it will be supported in base controller.

Here are release notes for PnP, and you can see 1921 is explicitly listed.

2800 are not supported: they have been end of sale for a year: End-of-Sale and End-of-Life Announcement for the Cisco 2800 Series Integrated Services Router Licenses and Accessories -…

Thanks araford,

I just cross checked and the issue looks like to the be the IOS version on 1921 which 15.4. The listing you send before says supported IOS version is 15.5(3)M1. I upgraded it to the latest 15.6 but unsuccessful in discovering it. Is it possible to see any logs around what is failing while discovering it?



You can get to logs of Discovery/Inventory logs to check the failure reasons/errors:

1. Figure out the LXC container IP that's running apic-em-inventory-manager service.

2. SSH into that container.

3. Change directory to following location: /opt/CSCOlumos/logs

4. Look for logs mainly in following files: (You can grep with IP of the device you care about)





Thanks Chakrapani,

I did that...but it seems like these logs gets over written quickly, i am really not able to find a reason yet for this 1921 router being not discover.



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