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How to use "Site Map Service/Get image of the specified site map" API in Prime Infrastructure 3.7

Hi,I notice that starting from PI3.7 it has a new API "Site Map Service". I interested in saving all those floor map using this "Get image of the specified site map" API. I know how to parse a JSON output but this API return an image jpeg file!! How ...

choywy by Beginner
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Netconf Security

Hi, Apology for the basic question, I am enabling Netconf on XR & XE platform but I am bit worried about security aspect of the Netconf so trying to grant least privilege access to the client. When configuring CoPP on Cisco Device, under control-plan...

rthakker by Beginner
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Resolved! Integration Webex teams with IOx - send commands to router from Webex

Hello everyone, Can you help me with integration og Webex team and Cisco router ? Is somewhere explained how to do it ? I nedd checkiing LTE usage on Industry router and i want do it via API from webex. Is this possible ? Something like that....https...

adding new os support to genie

Folks,  Looking for documentation/help to add new os support for genie parser. I want to add genie support for ACI. Given NXOS support is already there, I want it to either make it work for ACI or what additions are needed to add support it for ACI? ...

puguntur by Cisco Employee
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Resolved! Guestshell not running

#guestshell enableInterface will be selected if configured in app-hostingPlease wait for completionThe process for the command is not responding or is otherwise unavailable #show ioxVirtual Service Global State and Virtualization Limits:Infrastructur...

Resolved! Python netmiko: How to print out specific line matches with 'Cisco IOS Software' in the 'show version' command

This is sample output of Cisco Switch show version command.Switch#show version Cisco IOS Software, C2960 Software (C2960-LANBASEK9-M), Version 15.0(2)SE, RELEASE SOFTWARE (fc1) Technical Support: Copyright (c) 1986-20...

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