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Automating Top Talkers

Hi GuysI am trying to automate Top Talkers to be automatically triggered when a router's bandwidth utilisation is greater than or equal to 80% monitoring threshold; if this happens an event (ServiceNow) is triggered; basically I want to embed the top...

APIC-EM on Hyper-V

Hi, I have a question if someone successfully installed Cisco APIC-EM on Hyper-V VM? If yes what was the version of APIC-EM? I tried several times with newest one but it hangs on "enabling application apicem basics" and nothing happening ...

kubn2 by Beginner
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In Cisco DNA Center Reserved Sandbox, Cannot deploy template as getting error status: "FAILURE"

Dear Team, As a beginner, i am trying to deploy template on Cisco DNA Center reserved Sandbox, VLAN on particular interface. Ended getting status as FAILURE Error message on under:  Executing template on:, with Params:{ "vlan": "20", "inte...

WAE OPM te-path computation issue

Hi,  I'm running a test-bed topology to go through WAE features. My network has ISIS level1 and level2, BGP-LS is used to export both levels to WAE server.  When i run  OPM te-path to compute an RSVP path within the same level it works fine, but from...

Pepsi by Beginner
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Internet of Cisco Application Centric Infrastructure での、アプリオリな差動について。

Internet of Cisco Application Centric Infrastructure を、タイ米で完成させたのですが、どうやら、 (~1:38) では、アプリオリな差動として、アプリケーションレイヤーは、Internet of X 全般に関連して、完成している模様だ。と伝えられています。 この件に関して、Platform Designers のみなさまは、何かをご存じでしょうか?...

pyATS harness question

I followed the instruction to setup basic harness based on below url. The job file ( is as belowimport osfrom genie.ha...

yixiu0317 by Beginner
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pyATS version question

I am new to Genie and found 2 documents regarding pyats.One says pyats packages version 1.0.0 says pyats 19.7 anyone kindly tell...

yixiu0317 by Beginner
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Resolved! PyATS Connection Freeze

Hey, Im trying to get a handle on pyats and explore what it might be able to do and i have run into an interesting problem straight out of the gate. This one is gonna sound pretty basic but thats where i am at with this sort of thing so here goes.  w...

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