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pyATS harness question

I followed the instruction to setup basic harness based on below url. The job file ( is as belowimport osfrom genie.ha...

yixiu0317 by Beginner
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pyATS version question

I am new to Genie and found 2 documents regarding pyats.One says pyats packages version 1.0.0 says pyats 19.7 anyone kindly tell...

yixiu0317 by Beginner
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Resolved! PyATS Connection Freeze

Hey, Im trying to get a handle on pyats and explore what it might be able to do and i have run into an interesting problem straight out of the gate. This one is gonna sound pretty basic but thats where i am at with this sort of thing so here goes.  w...

9300 python question

Hello, I'm using the guest shell in on a 9300 and trying to save a run config txt file and then print out the run config txt file in the python interpreter. But it's not working, see below: >>> cli_output = cli("sh run")>>> type(cli_output)<type 'str...

fm235 by Beginner
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Spec file ODM

I'm trying to get some output in XML format in cisco IOS with odm file. With the "show format" I saw that some are already defined. I successfully add "show arp" and "show version" to a custom.odm file but "show interfaces description" is empty. Can ...

Resolved! ZTP or (Open) PnP

Hi community, I have one question regarding the two provisioning methods available.I want to develop an automated staging solution. Configs are generated in advanced andneed to be transferred to new devices along with a new OS (if needed).What techno...

problem with pyATS and gennie

I have successfully installed pyats ang genie, but when i try to run the command:genie learn ospf --testbed-file ./testbed.yamlit display the error below:Argument should be a path to a pyATS testbed file, or a pyATS Testbed object not ./testbed.yamlb...

e-chuah by Beginner
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