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APIC-EM EFT2 Sandbox

Hi everyone,I have recently noticed that is now running GA 1.1 version, as it is The former used to be running EFT2 version and it is not anymore.Is there any always-on APIC-EM sandbox...

Force inventory collection

Hi,Is it possible to shorten the time between inventory collections in 1.2? It takes 25 minutes before it is being updated. So when i apply an ACL on a device for example, 25 minutes later this will get shown in a path-trace. This is not ideal in my ...

Marlin by Beginner
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As you probably know APIC-EM 1.2 has just shipped.There is an API issue between APIC-EM 1.2 and Prime Infrastructure for PNP.  This only applies if you are using PI to talk to APIC-EM PNP API.This is being worked on and I will update here.  Adam

aradford by Cisco Employee
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Performance of GET Devices API

I am developing automation to compare a list of devices in a SQL database against the current list of devices in PI 3.1. My goal is to dynamically add/remove devices in PI based on what exists in this SQL database. In order to do the comparison, I ne...

smp by Enthusiast
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Sustainability in Open Source

Returning from OSCON, here is a worthwhile 15 minute presentation in the sustainability of open source. Danese Cooper does a great job summarizing the early history of open source and delivering the call to action for open source to deal appropriatel...

eckelcu by Cisco Employee
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APIC-EM Hub/Spoke

Hi Experts,I'm new to APIC-EM and would like clear up few confusing point that I'm not able to understand from the documentation.After deploying the APIC-EM in ESXi, I access the controller from management IP, then I install CSR1000v in ESXi which is...

usrana by Cisco Employee
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Resolved! APIC-EM Grapevine behind NAT

I have a copy of APIC-EM 1.1.2 in a dev environment. There is a NAT device protecting the environment. I can log into the Grapevine console through the use of a static NAT to 14141 I get the console but no content. Just "error retrieving task informa...

twgraham by Beginner
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Hi everyone,I have noticed that the EFT2 version is no longer available on DevNet, and a new GA release is out. But I can't seem to find the Policy Analysis support previously available on EFT2 in the GA +1. I was highly reliant on the ACL-related AP...

Resolved! Problem with Path Trace

Hello,I have problem with path trace, in one direction it can discover path of the flow and in another it can't. Problem is always in the same interface of the switch.What could be wrong with the configuration of the switch or path trace?Thank you in...

dgombovic by Beginner
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