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Cisco Prime 3.1 API: GET BulkUnsanitizedConfigArchives

We are in the process of getting Cisco Prime 3.1 to upgrade our current install of Cisco Prime 3.0, but had a question regarding the enhanced API in the Configuration Archive Service in Cisco Prime 3.1.

The API in question is "GET Bulk export sanitized configuration archives":

  1. Does this API pull all of the device configs contained in Cisco Prime in one call? 
  2. In the documentation it mentions that the API resource does not support filtering and sorting on configuration files content.  Does that mean it will not allow to filter on "softwareType", like the "GET Devices" API?  For example filtering on: softwareType=ASA
  3. Also in the documentation for "GET Bulk export sanitized configuration archives", to the right of the page under Resource Information it says Sorting? Yes and Filtering? Yes.  I am confused why it says "Yes" when the description on the top of the page says it does not support filtering and sorting.
Cisco Employee

Re: Cisco Prime 3.1 API: GET BulkUnsanitizedConfigArchives

1.  No, this resource will return a number of config archives subject to the pagination parameters in the query or the default page size.

2.  So first, there's no softwareType response parameter in the GET data/BulkUnsanitizedConfigArchives resource, so you wouldn't be able to filter on that.  But second, what this qualification means is that the actual config file content (represented by the query parameter) cannot be used for filtering or sorting.  However, all other response parameters can be used, for example files.fileState=RUNNINGCONFIG or diffType=IN_SYNC or .sort=diffType,-deviceId.  (And the qualification about sorting is a bit superfluous, since we don't support sorting on nested collections anyway.)

3.  So, right now our framework only allows for a binary configuration of whether a resource supports filtering or sorting.  Both the Bulk*ConfigArchives services generally support filtering and sorting, so we've marked the values as true, since our framework doesn't support us saying "Partial" or something similar.

I hope that helps

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