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Cisco Prime wlanProfileName to interfaceName Prime API



I am currently coding a accesspoint scheduler program, where I can set APs as admin down or up depending on time of the week.


Reason being, during evenings and weekends, there have been issues near the sites where people can leech off the wifi, so they want to prevent that by turning it off.


I have successfully done this without any issues via Cisco Prime's API, but then I got another feature request.


Customer asked me if it is possible to a similar thing but only with SSIDs.


For example.

Turn off SSID 'XXX' during specific times for a specific AP Group, we have an AP Group per site.

Should be viable via Prime API, or so I thought.


When checking the PUT URL /api/v4/op/wlanProvisioning/apGroup-PUT

What I need for this is:

apGroupName (available in AccessPointDetails)

apGroupProfileMappings which in turn has a list called "apGroupProfileMapping".

In this list, my issue occurs.

I need to send a list of all the WLAN Profiles / SSIDs to replace the old list, therefore I need:

Interfacename and Wlanprofilenam.

I can get wlanprofile name, but not interface name per AP-Group.


I can get the general Interfacename for a WLAN but not the specific interface used for AP-Groups specifically.


Under /api/v4/data/AccessPointDetails I can get all the SSIDs / WLAN Profiles, AP Group it is assigned to, but not the interface name the WLAN Profile is assigned to in this specific AP-Group.


I then tried search in /api/v4/data/WlanProfiles to see what I could find.

The information I can necessarily gather there is just in a general sense, AP Groups can override the interface.

I'm not finding a URL to check APgroup information to get this information, have I missed anything?


Thank you.

Cisco Employee



You can check the API "/webacs/api/v4/data/WlanControllerDetails". This resource provides information about apGroups and includes apGroupProfileMappings with interfaceNames.