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Soeren Rosiak

Cisco SG350X APIC-EM Support

Hi there,

First of all, I'm unsure whether I should place this question in here or in the small business forum - sorry for that.


Cisco SG350X-48


Recently we acquired a substantial amount of Cisco SG350X devices.

From what I can read and see on the devices PnP is supported, furthermore I can setup PnP settings(

I have done so and pre-provisioned a device in APIC-EM PnP. When creating the device, I noticed the product ID missing in APIC-EM, so I manually typed it in.

I then setup the SG350X with the PnP server details. Hereafter and I could see the SG350X and APIC-EM communicating.

However, the device ended up in the ERROR state.

2018-07-12 23:38:51 (CEST) Failed health check since device is stuck in non-terminal state RETRIEVING_PNP_PROFILE_INFO for more than threshold time: 0 hours, 16 minutes, 0 seconds

2018-07-12 23:38:49 (CEST) Received new work request from Agent while expecting work response. Retrying operation RETRIEVING_PNP_PROFILE_INFO

I looked at the communication with tcpdump and could see that APIC-EM tried to send commands which is unsupported on the SG350X ("show run | sec pnp profile" and other various commands).

It seems the device is not supported (Furthermore it is not listed at


So, when Cisco states that "Cisco Network PnP" is supported on the switch - and APIC-EM is not working, what options do we then have?(Currently I have developed my own flask app to provision the devices with)

Are there plans to support the SG350X in APIC-EM?


I have the same issue with other type of switch (ME1200, ASR920), in the end, I made my own DHCP+TFTP Server to distribute basic configuration, unfortunately, the IP will be dynamic on all, so for that one, MAC binding will be required to make sure the IP stays the same


From my experience, the Management Port can be used as PnP port, it will accept DHCP assignment and based on the DHCP Options, will accept basic configuration(no software update, that one is not supported, but once you got basic configuration up, you could do mass telnet/ssh and mass tftp upgrade)

Hi @elbert001

For now I have created my own python web app based on "Open PnP", with that I can upgrade software and deploy config for the switches(Using PnP).


I did not get option 42 to work, so I went ahead with pnpserver.<DOMAIN>.<TLD> , by default the switches looks up this DNS entry based on their DHCP domain. That solved my issues.


But still, I would like to see the support in APIC-EM.

Hello Soeren. 

Is it possible to have a look at that python web app you created?

We are in the same position, where we just got a large batch of SG350 and can not get them to work with APIC-EM. We have used auto-config on sg300, but they are eol and auto-config is not enabled by default on SG350.


Best Regards


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