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PNP device provisioning

Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

Hello, I am trying to add a new WiFi Access-Point into a previously provisioned APIC-EM project via the REST API using post method to the URL below (the x-auth token-id and project-id is good because I can read the list of devices within the project).


with the request JSON body format shown in the screen-grab below

I get status-code = 500 "InternalError" returned with the following rather cryptic message, has anyone got any pointer where I am going wrong with this request please ??


Cheers, Jim.W.

1 Accepted Solution

Accepted Solutions

add "[" and "]" in begin and end of your JSON body

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Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

What version is your APIC-EM ?

Version =

add "[" and "]" in begin and end of your JSON body

Thanks, that's starting to look better, changing the body to the following gives me rc=202 now so looks like the request was accepted now.

[{"platformId": "AIR-CAP3702I-E-K9","hostName": "APf44e5f80464","serialNumber": "f4:4e:05:f8:04:64","configId": "19c14528-783-4f57-8193-55982b52a0cf"}]

I don't see the device added in the site corresponding to project-id "a03c6485-b77e-4444-9f09-3a02a118549e" so I will take a peek at that next.


OK, as post-script I think I worked out why the device added via REST API was not appearing on the devices-list under the project.  Originally I let the access-point boot and and attempt to connect to the APIC-EM PnP-server before I had defined it anywhere and it appeared in the "Unplanned Devices" list as expected.  I deleted it from that project-list and powered the unit off but that AP serial-number now seems to be getting refused when adding to the APIC, if I changed the serial-number of the device I am adding to anything else it appears in the provisoined project-list OK.

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