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Prime API, Virtual Domains, Active APs

I'm trying to write a script to automate putting APs into virtual domains. I have a database with AP mac addresses and which department they're in (which will be used to pick their virtual domain).
I've successfully written a script which pulls all the AP id numbers out of Prime and matches them up to the mac addresses in the database.
I'm now trying to use the PU op/vd REST call to add my list of APs that belong to a particular department to the relevant virtual domain. However I'm getting an error "httpResponseCode":500,"httpMethod":"PUT","message":"Access Point with ID=68116666013 does not exist". If I go look that AP up in the web gui, I can see it's currently disconnected from its controller.
Okay, so that's slightly misleading as it does exist. I then tried looking up APs both connected and disconnected, but I can't see any difference in the summary or details that are returned to tell the two apart.
Is there any way to tell the two apart so I can remove inactive APs from my list? Or a way to have the virtual domain update ignore the fact they're not active?

Cisco Employee

Re: Prime API, Virtual Domains, Active APs


You can filter associated access points using this query:


Have you tried to add these disconnected access points to a virtual domain using UI? I have not heard of any limitations related to this and probably this is the Prime API defect.


Re: Prime API, Virtual Domains, Active APs

I'll have a go with the filter later.

I can confirm that the web UI of Prime will allow me to add and remove disconnected APs from Virtual Domains quite happily, it's only the API that barfs. If the behaviour of the API could come into line with the UI that would be best. It's not unexpected for us to have some APs offline at any one time.

Cisco Employee

Re: Prime API, Virtual Domains, Active APs

Thank you for confirmation. I will file a defect on that API to get it into line with the UI.

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