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speeding up data


We are making sort of self-provisioning Portal for our SP that will offer the customers Cisco APs. Our Portal will use CPI API and customers will be able to do some actions for their own APs and SSIDs - change psk, create new ssid, change bandwidth...this we do through deploy_template_through_job and it works fine and fast.

But for some real*time data that we have on WLC (eg connected clients), we have some latency in CPI. For example, if we manually disable client from CPI it is immmediatelly blocked, but in gui it stays for a while - guess it takes some time untill CPI learns from WLC that client is dissaccoss.

Now, my question is which protocol CPI uses for getting this sort of data from WLC - is it https or ssh show ouput? Is there an option to increase the frequency of getting data?

Many thanks.


Cisco Employee

Re: speeding up data

Much of the data reported by the Prime Infrastructure API and GUI is cached network data.  The frequency that the data is updated is determined by the configuration of background jobs in the system, so yes, you can increase the frequency.  You can consult the Admin Guide for more on the list of jobs, and what their defaults are.

3.2: Cisco Prime Infrastructure 3.2 Administrator Guide - Data Collection and Background Tasks [Cisco Prime Infrastructure] …

3.0: Cisco Prime Infrastructure 3.0 Administrator Guide - Managing Data and Collection Retention [Cisco Prime Infrastructure…

Most of the data collected from WLCs is via SNMP, but it really depends on the implementation of the device package, which varies with each version of the device package, version of device software, and device model.  So while I can't say conclusively, it most likely is being collected via SNMP.

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