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Lisa Latour
Frequent Contributor
Frequent Contributor

The Cisco Support Community (CSC) has evolved into a vibrant global platform for knowledge exchange and issue resolution for Cisco customers and partners. We have built a rich, innovative & pervasive social support experience by integrating & expanding our communities to new channels, geographies and modalities. Our Social Support is global, focused on bringing our next-generation customers in emerging markets into our support eco-system & delivering consistent, yet fully localized, support & training. We have also extended to new modalities, such as iOS & Android mobile devices as well as Web social media, in a seamlessly integrated fashion, ensuring persistent connections to Cisco for all customers. Our strategy to put community at the heart of all customer interactions started by using Web Services technologies to bring the intellectual capital of our Social Support to ALL customer across Cisco’s support channels, such as call centers & support engineers – and, into our partners’ service delivery systems. All of these innovations have resulted in significant gains in our customer satisfaction & cost savings for Cisco.


Cisco Support Community as the foundation of open knowledge exchange & vibrant eco-system

Cisco Support Community (CSC) has become a hub of all people-to-people interactions and knowledge co-creation for technical support. Here is a look at some of the key innovations and programs that continue to foster the engagement & growth of our eco-system through empowerment of our members - customers, partners and Cisco experts.

Empowering Members through Enhanced Collaborative Experience:

We have continued to enhance our collaborative capabilities by empowering our community members to voice their needs, drive faster problem resolution & extend ratings by enabling new features like Voting, Endorsement, and Extended Ratings.

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