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The Cisco Support Community recently developed a Google Gadget for Gmail, a way to extend the Cisco Support Community through your Gmail account. This gadget can smartly draw information from the Cisco Support Community and let you perform relevant actions based on the content of an email message, all without leaving the Gmail inbox.

It's easy to get started...ggle-1.jpg

  1. Go to Google App Marketplace by clicking on the link below. You need a Google Apps account to perform these steps.
  2. Search for ‘Cisco Support Community’
  3. It will bring you a ‘Cisco Support Community Contextual Gadget’ and click on the title.
  4. Now click the big blue "Add it now" button on the top right of the page to add this Gadget to your domain. Note that you have to be an administrator of your Google Apps account to do this. If you aren't, then ask your admin to follow this guide.
  5. Enter your domain name (e.g. netzebu) in the box on the right side of the page and click ‘Go’
  6. The site will take you to Google Apps for your domain (e.g:netzebu) to login to complete the install
  7. Agree to the terms of service.
  8. Grant Cisco Support Community data access on your account. We need these in order to to perform keyword search in your email subject and message body.
  9. Click on the Configure Application to complete the install setup.
  10. Then you should see the Cisco Support Community webpage for the successful installation.
  11. Now every Gmail users in your domain should be able to view recent discussions from Cisco Support Community, that matches with the subject or body of the email.

(click the image below to enlarge)


Try it and tell us what you think!

Click here to install

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