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Cisco Support Community announces Gadget for Outlook users


Cisco Support Community announces a new product 'CSC Outlook Gadget' for Microsoft Outlook Desktop users

Cisco Support Community provides online technical assistance on Cisco technical services and products to customers around the world. Now, the Cisco Support Community provides users with latest and most-relative, community content while users browse their Outlook email by developing the Cisco Support Community Outlook Gadget.

This Cisco Support Community Outlook Gadget checks whether the email subject and body have any of these keywords - Cisco, VPN, Router,Switches, Ipv6, Configuration,Wireless, ASA,Troubleshoot, Firewall, Telepresence, Catalyst, Cucm, Jabber, Ucs. When these keywords match, this gadget will bring the recent community discussions and display them as part of the email message.

We appreciate your effort to download the Cisco Support Community Outlook Gadget.

To install this gadget follow the instructions:

1. Click on the 'Download Here' button

2. Save the "" file to any folder.

3. Open the zip file 

4. Click on the CSCOutlookGadgetAddOnInstaller.msi file to start the install wizard.

If you have any difficulties downloading, please click the

file attached below.

Follow the Install Guide and User Guide for detail. 

For any questions, email to

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