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Cisco Support Community Newsletter, February 2013



Cisco Support Community Mobile Contest


Enter the bi-weekly Cisco Support Community Mobile Contest and win a Cisco Press  Book!


The contest opened on February 11th, 2013 with a new challenge every two weeks until July 31st 2013.
Official Rules are posted here.

Download and register on the Cisco Technical Support Mobile App on your iOS or Android device. If you are already a registered member of the Cisco Technical Support Mobile App, participate in this challenge, by launching your app, logging in and going to Browse Communities under Support Community. Then find Online Tools and Resources > Cisco Technical Support Mobile Apps  > Mobile Challenge Button.

All challenges will be named Mobile Challenge followed by the start date. Post your response to the challenge question using the mobile app by the end date.


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Top Contributors

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Top Overall  as of 2/15/2013
1. Rob Huffman 33,464
2. Paolo Bevilacqua 27,111
3. Jon Marshall 24,573
4. Giuseppe Larosa 17,843
5. Richard Burts 17,022
Top Monthly as of 1/25/2013
1. Scott Fell 380
2. David Hailey 379
3. Aaron Harrison 305
4. Journi Forss 218
5. Rob Huffman 181


Cisco Designated VIP Corner

VIP Endorsed Discussions
[Question]  is it possible direct call number calling to outside?
  Endorsed by Rob Huffman
CUE 8.6.4  Install Fail Issues on ISM
  Endorsed by Stephen Leach

& Paolo Bevilacqua

Conference under G .729
  Endorsed by Chris Deren

& Paolo Bevilacqua


VIP Authored Documents


Campus Network Design Guideline Understanding the  output of "show voice dsp group all" By Ayodeji oladipo Okanlawon a Cisco  Designated VIP
By Ayodeji oladipo Okanlawon
January 9, 2013
TEL5(3.0) FXO Trunks with CCA 3.0EAP Timers on  Wireless Lan Controllers
By Stephen Rodriguez
May 31, 2012
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Discussions >


Make Your Voice Heard through Our New Community Voting System     

The Community Voting System will enable users to both identify a question that they will like to see answered and reward members who provide answers to those highly demanded questions. Why? One of the biggest challenges we face in the Cisco Support Community is not knowing how many users share a similar problem or are simply interested in knowing the answer to an unanswered question. By allowing all members to identify interest in a question being answered drives more visibility in answering those questions.

Voting helps:
Identify the questions that the community has the most interest in being solved Drives awareness of issues that need to be addressed within Cisco Reduces duplicate questions Increases the quantity of users that are answering questions.



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Top Contributor Interview


Aaron Harrison


A principal engineer with Logicalis in the U.K., Aaron Harrison visits Cisco Support Community when he receives email notification that someone has posted in a Unified Communications forum. He says, "If you post a question, it's very likely you'll receive a good response more quickly than if you had opened a TAC case."



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Data Center Technical Webinar Series on the Cisco Learning Network

FREE WEBINAR: Take a deep dive with Cisco experts into technologies underlying the new Data Center Certifications. Live sessions added in Spanish and for the India time zone. Check out the schedule. Register Now!

Live Webinar: Get the keys to unlock a successful technology career from Paul Steward, Cisco Learning  Network Designated VIP and CCIE.

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Ask the Experts

Community Spotlight Awards

The current awardees are:

  • Member's Choice
    Leonardo Tadeu
  • Mobile App Contributor
    Yahsiel Lugo
  • Doc/Video Contributor
    Scott Tudor  (Read the Doc)
  • Rookie Award
    Najaf KC

The  Community Spotlight Awards recognize members whose significant  contributions demonstrate leadership and commitment to their peers                within the Cisco Learning Network (CLN) Cisco Support  Community (CSC) and the Cisco Developers Network (CDN). These awards are designed to recognize and thank  individuals who help make our communities the premier online destination  for Cisco               enthusiasts.


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Ask the Experts Deploying, Configuring and Troubleshooting Cisco WebEx Meetings Server
  Learn and ask questions about deployment, configuration and troubleshooting of Cisco WebEx Meetings Server - CWMS with Cisco expertSrdjan Ciric.
  Ends March 8, 2013 - Join the Discussion
Ask the Experts Mobile Wireless: How Your Cellular Phone Surfs the Internet
  Learn and ask questions about mobile wireless and get an overview of longterm evolution (LTE) along with a detailed explanation of the subscriber call flow with Cisco expert Deepak Michael
  Ends March 15, 2013 - Join the Discussion


Ask the Experts Coming Soon!  ASR9K  New Router Platform Not Only for Service Provider
  Join the discussion and ask questions on the ASR9K with Cisco expert Adam Šniegórski.
  Starts Feb 22,  2013 - Join the Discussion



Recent Blogs


How ICMP works when using PAT
on ASA Firewall (Polish)


By Michał Maciejczak, Jan 24, 2013


Cisco MCMS iOS and Android Agents are Available on Apple® App Store and Google® Play


in Cisco Mobile Collaboration Services Posted by Rajeev Khurana, Feb 13, 2013

Red October in January: The Cyber Espionage Era
  in Other Security Subjects
Posted by Omar Santos
Jan 15, 2013

SAN Design Parameters in Storage Networking


in Cisco Mobile Collaboration Services Posted by Rajeev Khurana, Feb 13, 2013

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Expert Documents

DNS Failure Mitigation  from EEM
By Scott Tudor January 5, 2013
UCCX: HTTP Application as  an IP Phone Directory Service
By Gergely Szabo October 31, 2012


Windows 8 Clients Can't Associate to Cisco Unified Wireless
By Scott Tudor January 5, 2013


Troubleshooting VPN Issues  on ASR - Where to Start
By Marcin Latosiewicz April 21, 2011



Secure an Inteligent DWDM  Network (Polish)
By Marcin Kowalski January 29, 20131
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Expert Videos

Using the Security Plug-in  and Outlook to Report Unsolicited Email
By Enrico Werner November 28, 2012


Flexconnect Vlan Override  Local Switching Clients
By Viten Patel October 29, 2012



Precision HD 4x Camera Manual Upgrade Procedure
By Mubashshir Akhtar October 16, 2012
IP Anycast (Polish)
By Łukasz Bromirski February 1, 2013

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These events are open to all, including partners. We look forward to your participation.
You can win prizes if you attend; fill out the survey after attending the live event.


Ask the Experts ASA  8.x: VPN Access and AnyConnect VPN Client Using
Self-Signed Certify, Configuration, and Troubleshooting

Tuesday,  March 12, at 9 a.m. Mexico City CST (UTC -6 hours)

Cisco expert Alexandro Carrasquedo will start with a brief overview and then  move into advanced configuration and troubleshooting topics of the AnyConnect  and site-to-site VPN in ASA's platform.

Register today

Ask the Experts Cisco  Catalyst 6500 Series Switches: Troubleshooting
and Best Practices
Tuesday,  March 5, 2013, at 7 a.m. PST San Francisco (UTC -8 hours)
Mobile wireless is on the forefront of technology. Today you can stream movies,  attend a class, or share presentations, all on your mobile device. More  important, since you are mobile you are not constrained to a location. instead  you can blend work and play into your life.

Get an overview of long term evolution (LTE) and a detailed explanation of the subscriber call flow with  Cisco expert Deepak Michael. He will explain common mobile wireless terminology; the fundamentals of LTE; and how a Packet Data Protocol (PDP) context is created, beginning with the end user powering a mobile device to surfing the web. Deepak will also explain how a subscriber is created on the Evolved Packet Core (EPC) System Architecture Evolution (SAE) gateway (GW) by outlining the various control and data plane messages. A primary takeaway will be looking at configuration commands utilized on a Cisco Aggregate Services Router (ASR) 5500, which enables operators to utilize the SAE GW functionality.



Register today

Ask the ExpertsVirtual Switching System and Its Implementation on Cisco
Catalyst 4500 and 6500  Platforms (Russian)

Tuesday, March 19, at 13:00 Moscow Time (10 a.m. CEST Brussels Time)


This session describes the basics of the virtual switching system (VSS) technology, including its features and benefits. The session includes examples of the implementation of VSS on two modular switching platforms, the Cisco Catalyst 6500 and 4500. This event is open to all customers and partners. We look forward to your participation.

Register today


Webcast Archives


Troubleshooting Adaptive Security Appliances, Private Internet Exchange,
and Firewall Service Modules

Have you missed the live event with Cisco expert Sankar Kureli?

You can now view the video and read FAQ document



Find localized webcast events
  Polish   Portuguese
  Japanese   Russian



Facebook Forum Archives      


Basic Introduction and Troubleshooting on Cisco Nexus 7000 NX-OS Virtual Device Context

Have you missed the live event with Cisco expert Vignesh Rajendran?
You can now view the questions and answers.
Read  it Here....



Firewall Security and Troubeshooting VPN for Adaptive Security Appliance (ASA)

Have you missed the live event with Cisco expert Bhavik Joshi?
You can now view the questions and answers.
Read  it Here....



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