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Cisco TSP (TAPI) - Unable to identify which parking device call is coming from




I am using Cisco TSP (TAPI) on windows platform for CTI integration with Cisco platform.


I am parking a call using undirected call parking feature. When Call Park Reversion Timer expires and the parked call comes back and rings on the extension I am unable to identify which parking device the call has come from. The information provided in the TAPI call ringing-in event does not contain any info about the parking device. Just wondering if it is the right behavior of Cisco TSP that it will not provide any reference to the parking device in the call event or if it is a bug. Please advise.


Here is a an example:

Device-A = 1042
Device-B = 1001
Parking-Device = 3000


Device-B is monitored by TAPI


Device-A calls Device-B
Call-1 rings on Device-B and is answered by using TAPI API feature lineAnswer
Call-1 is now connected between Device-A and Device-B
Call-1 is parked (undirected) from Device-B by using TAPI API feature linePark
Call-1 now leaves Device-B. Call-1 is now between Device-A and Parking-Device


Park reversion timer (default 60 seconds) expires
Call-1 now leaves Parking-Device and rings-in on Device-B


Below is a TAPI call info of call ringing-in event on Device-B. dwRedirectingID and dwRedirectionID parties both appear to be same which is Device-B. Should not dwRedirectingID be the Parking-Device instead?


Line TAPI ( t=324947203, d=103C3, m=2, i=1, p1=2, p2=0, p3=0 )
LINECALLSTATE_OFFERING - Line > Cisco Line: [SEPC471FE43882E] (1001)=1037Dh, hCall=103C3h
Call > AN=1001, DN=Cisco Line: [SEPC471FE43882E] (1001)
Call > hLine=1037Dh, dwLineDeviceID=0h, dwAddressID=0h
Call > dwBearerMode=3h, dwRate(bps)=0h, dwMediaMode=4h, dwCallParamFlags=0h
Call > dwCallID=400C90h [4197520], dwRelatedCallID=0h [0]
Call > CallStates=FF3Fh, Origin=2h, Reason=200h, Trunk=FFFFFFFFh
Call > Caller, Flags=8h, VSz=5, V=1042, NSz=0
Call > Called, Flags=8h, VSz=5, V=1001, NSz=0
Call > Connected, Flags=20h, VSz=0, NSz=0
Call > Redirection, Flags=8h, VSz=5, V=1001, NSz=0
Call > Redirecting, Flags=8h, VSz=5, V=1001, NSz=0
Call > dwNumOwners=1h [1], dwNumMonitors=0h [0]



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Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

Per the TAPI Developer Guide, it looks like you should be able to retrieve the info via LineGetCallInfo:

Screenshot from 2019-01-29 13-54-30.png

After enabling DEVSPECIFIC_PARK_MONITORING flag by using the lineDevSpecific SLDST_SET_STATUS_MESSAGES request I am able to see call park status notifications. However, I got two questions:


Q.1) Why call park status notifications are sent for specific phone and not for all?


TSP sends call park status notifications for line used of this model phone:


Product Type: Cisco DX650
Device Protocol: SIP

TSP does not send call park status notifications for line used for the following model phones:


Product Type: Cisco 8945
Device Protocol: SCCP


Product Type: Cisco 7811
Device Protocol: SIP

Q.2) Although above feature allows to see the parked calls status but original question remains there that why call ringing event does not have any reference of the parking device when it comes back and rings the extension?

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