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Slavik Bialik
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Disable ZIP tone on Conference call via JTAPI

Hi guys,

I'm looking for a way to disable to ZIP tone (the entrance tone) when I'm establishing a conference using JTAPI code.

The JTAPI code is working perfectly, I'm doing the following steps:

  1. Making a call (inbound or outbound) to A.
  2. A triggers a consult as a new call to B.
  3. Conferencing both legs.

In CUCM, in service parameters I found that there's a "Party Entrance Tone" which I disabled and when I'm triggering a conference using the physical phone itself, I don't hear any ZIP entrance tones, but seems like the JTAPI ignores this setting and probably there is some way to "tell" it in the code itself whether do it or not.

I found some references to a "playToneDirection" parameter the can be passed in some functions (with values like "CiscoCall.PLAYTONE_LOCALONLY"), but those functions has only to do with monitoring and call recording. Can't think of a way how to do it also on the conference method.


Any ideas?



Cisco Employee

- The setting you mention 'Party Entrance Tone' would apply, I would think

- Are you performing the typical JTAPI setupConferenceEnable()->consult()->completeConference()?

- The Party Entrance Tone param is present for the CallManager Service as well as individual DNs - can you confirm it is off/default for the devices in the scenario?

- If indeed something different is happening only in CTI triggered scenarios, there may be some kind of limitation or defect there.  I would suggest opening a DevNet Developer Support ticket so we can dig into the trace logs and investigate deeper...

Hi @dstaudt , thanks for your reply!

First of all, I did another test right now, I disabled the "Party Entrance Tone" to "Off" on the individual DNs. And I also disabled (just for the test) the Built-in-Bridge as I understand it using BIB to play the tone, and still I'm getting the tone. That of course when using the JTAPI code.

They way it is implemented is by creating a new CiscCall object and using "createCall" method that dials to the BARGING (or the extension to be added to the conference) extension using "consult" method, and right away using "conference" method in order to connect the original call to the new call created above.

By the way, I saw you wrote something about this flow:


But I couldn't find any references to those methods like 'setupConferenceEnable' and 'completeConference'...



Sorry, it's




It might be worth a trying with setConferencEnable, as this invokes the 'full/standard' consult conference subsystem and modeling.  If that doesn't help I would advise opening a Developer Support ticket to investigate in more detail...

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