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How to filter meaningful events

Hi all,

I am writing an application which monitors CallEvents on addresses and TermEvents on terminals from both, the calling party as well as from the called party. By processing the events I need to find the point when the call is established and the calling party starts speaking. So I was looking for events like CallCtlConnEstablishedEv or CallCtlConnEstablishedEv (some other should do as well).

The weird thing : I see all these events already before the called party answered. More precisely I see every such event 2 times for every party (one time before called party picked up, second time after that).

The only detail I see that hints at unexpected events (i.e. before the call has been  answered) is the CiscoCause 31 which I see on the called party side. After the called party has answered, the same events come in with CiscoCause 0.

Does this difference really tell the latter events are meaningful and the first ones are not ? That's a problem for two reasons: First this is not documented in any official doc I have seen, second the events I mentioned (llike CallCtlConnEstablishedEv) do not have an interface that offer the value 'CiscoCause' anyway (only getCause() which returns the 'regular' cause if such an event.

With the current amount of noisy events the only way I see for me is looking at RTP event in the terminal. They seem to clearly tell when a call has been answered and the parties start speaking.

Please find attached the full list of events I have seen.

I use JTAPI 8.5.1

Thanks in advance


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Re: How to filter meaningful events

Hi Christoph,

  From the events what i understand is that these traces are caused When a conference call is parked, JTAPI call will have connection to the remaining parties in the call. When this call is unparked using the UnPark API or connect API, connections to unknown address will be temporarily created.

Reference - Connection to unknown address when unparking a conference call

Thanks and Regards,


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