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Monitor/Coach Calls using TAPI (Julmar ATAPI)

To start out with, I don't have much experience with TAPI and Cisco phone system.

A little background of the project:

A while back I was tasked with creating an internal website using .NET and to have the functionality to monitor/coach calls from the call activity page. I did some research and found Julmar ATAPI to be quite easy to use and it have all the functionalities I needed for this project. I decided to use ATAPI and it was a success. Everything worked like it supposed to.


At the time, we were using CUCM 9.1(2.1). We recently upgraded to 9.1(2.5) and the phones were 're-organized and partitioned'. We also created a new server and all the phones are running off of the new server.

After the changes, everything stopped working, but when I updated TSP to 9.1(2.5) things started working again except for the Monitor/Coach. I can get call activities and initiate calls, but I can't get monitor/coach to work. When the user hit Monitor/Coach, they get a message on their phone saying call cannot be complete....etc.

In code, I am using TapiAddress's DeviceSpecific to initiate the monitor/coach.

I am seeing these errors in TSP logs:

08:22:59.568 HDR|10/20/2015 CiscoTSP001.tsp,Special

08:22:59.568 |   TSPI_lineNegotiateTSPIVersion() dwDeviceID =0xFFFFFFFF dwLowVersion =0x00010003 dwHighVersion =0x00030001 lpdwTSPIVersion =0x00C6507C

08:22:59.663 |   CSelsiusTSPWaveList::Init() *ERROR* Failed to get ISelsiusNTWaveCtl interface.

08:22:59.663 |   SelsiusTSP::InitializeComObjects() *ERROR* Failed m_WaveList->Init(). hr=0x80040154

08:22:59.663 |   ProviderOpenRequest::qbeTraceOut seq# =0x00000001

08:22:59.663 |   ProviderOpenRequest::qbeTraceOut {{0x00000134, 0x00000000}, 0xFFFFDDDD, 0x000E0000, 0x00000003, 0x00000020, 0x0000006C, 0x000000B0}

08:22:59.663 |   ProviderOpenRequest::qbeTraceOut

and these

08:23:00.549 |   CSelsiusTSPLine::FireLineCreateEvent() m_TAPIPermanentLineID=[0x000001A6] Firing TAPI message.

08:23:00.549 |   CSelsiusTSPLineList::FireLineCreateEvent() *ERROR* m_lpfnLineCreateProc does not exist.

08:23:00.549 |   CSelsiusTSPDeviceList::FirePhoneCreateEvent() *ERROR* m_lpfnPhoneCreateProc does not exist.

08:23:00.549 |   ProviderDeviceLineInfoEvent::qbeTraceIn {{0x00000225, 0x00000000}, 0xFFFFDDDD, 0x000E0000, 0x00000117, 0x00000020, 0x00000068, 0x000001AD}

08:23:00.549 |   ProviderDeviceLineInfoEvent::qbeTraceIn

Does anyone know what might be wrong here and/or have ideas what I could try?


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