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UDS in a multi-tenanted CUCM (HCS) environment


Has anyone done any work around a partitioned (multi-tenanted) UDS deployment where multiple customers share the same partitioned (for example; HCS G3 dial plan) CUCM?

This would be to ensure that if you had two customers on a shared, partitioned CUCM with devices registering in via Collaboration Edge (and therefore they must use UDS), they could only see other users in the same logical directory group or company.



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Re: UDS in a multi-tenanted CUCM (HCS) environment

Based on how UDS is implemented this is not really possible.



Re: UDS in a multi-tenanted CUCM (HCS) environment

I have the Same Problem here.

Is there anything on any roadmap that will let me do either this or lets me implement seperate external UDS-like Datasources for Contact lookup (like a special webserver)?

Cisco Employee

Re: UDS in a multi-tenanted CUCM (HCS) environment

With HCS, the CUCM is not partitioned between multiple customers, one customer, one CUCM cluster, so UDS should still work as you would expect. CUCM is still a single-tenant application. HCS layers multi-tenant management and provisioning on top of it.


Re: UDS in a multi-tenanted CUCM (HCS) environment

Imagicle ( is finalizing a solution for segregation of Jabber contacts in a Cisco HCS Shared instance (or UCM multi-tenant) scenario.

This will allow to partition the internal phone directory (by replacing the internal XML directory service) and also Jabber contacts (working as a UDS Server), being able to support either local and MRA Jabber access.

We have several pilots already planned.

For more info, please send me a message, write to or fill in our contact form on

Christian Bongiovanni

coCEO and CTO


Re: UDS in a multi-tenanted CUCM (HCS) environment

NTW is providing such a service since a while. just contact us at


Re: UDS in a multi-tenanted CUCM (HCS) environment

Just an update to the previous post to confirm that pilots have been successfully validated together with Cisco BU.

The product is already available on Cisco global pricelist, as an out of the box add on to Cisco HCS.

Christian Bongiovanni

coCEO and CTO

Re: UDS in a multi-tenanted CUCM (HCS) environment

I'm very proud to announce that Cisco has chosen Imagicle to enable Cisco HCS Shared Instance.
Thanks to Imagicle Speedy Enterprise, it is finally possible to use Cisco HCS in a shared instance architecture, ensuring a separated access to local contacts and corporate directories to different customers connected to the same shared instance, both from IP Phone and Jabber, from the office and in mobility (MRA).

Our experiences with several Service Providers all over the world, our strong collaboration with Cisco and our presence on Cisco GPL, allowed us to fill the gap on an essential functionality missing in HCS and needed for those architectures based on just one instance shared among multiple customers, and that was basically preventing its commercial launch.

To find out more about that, you can read the Cisco whitepaper to implement a Cisco HCS Shared Instance architecture and Imagicle Speedy Enterprise.

Christian Bongiovanni

coCEO and CTO

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