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Alfred Johnson

Where can I find descriptions of the built-in ios tcl and C scripts shipped in ios 15.1

I need to write a tcl ivr application to validate a received redirecting number against a list of 1000 valid RNIEs provisioned.  I have found a few examples I can study, but I just found how to display on a 2431 the list of built-in scripts below from a post on a non-cisco site (gassamer threads I think).  Are there any available english sentence based descriptions of what each of these does?

bctrunks-2431-4(config-dial-peer)#do show call application voice summary

SERVICES (standalone applications):

  name                      type            description

  dsapp                     C Script        builtin:DSESS_Service.C 

  ipsla-responder           Tcl Script      builtin:app_test_rcvr_script.tcl 

  clid_authen               Tcl Script      builtin:app_clid_authen_script.tcl 

  clid_col_npw_npw          Tcl Script      builtin:app_clid_col_npw_npw_script.tcl 

  AFW_THIRD_PARTY_CC        C Script        builtin::Third_Party_CC_Service.C 

  TOLLFRAUD_APP             C Script        builtin:TollFraud_Service.C 

  CALLIndSs_SErviCe         C Script        builtin:CallIndSs_Service.C 

  Default                   C Script        builtin:Session_Service.C 

  RetrProxy                 C Script        builtin:RetrievalProxy_Service.C 

  CTAPP                     C Script        builtin:CallTreatment_Service.C 

  clid_authen_col_npw       Tcl Script      builtin:app_clid_authen_col_npw_script.tcl 

  fax_hop_on                Tcl Script      builtin:app_fax_hop_on_script.tcl 

  ipsla-testcall            Tcl Script      builtin:app_test_place_script.tcl 

  app-b-acd-aa              Tcl Script      builtin:app_b_acd_aa_script.tcl 

  clid_authen_npw           Tcl Script      builtin:app_clid_authen_npw_script.tcl 

  session                   Tcl Script      builtin:app_session_script.tcl 

  app-b-acd                 Tcl Script      builtin:app_b_acd_script.tcl 

  clid_authen_collect       Tcl Script      builtin:app_clid_authen_collect_script.tcl 

  clid_col_npw_3            Tcl Script      builtin:app_clid_col_npw_3_script.tcl 

  DEFAULT.C.OLD             CCAPI           Obsolete system session application

  lib_off_app               CCAPI           Libretto Offramp


  name                      type            description

  tcl20base                 C Script        builtin:tcl20base_package.C 

  media                     C Script        builtin:package_media.C 

  destination               C Script        builtin:Destination.C 

  english                   C Script        builtin:package_english.C 

  appcommon                 C Script        builtin:AppCommon.C 

  medianeg                  C Script        builtin:MediaNeg.C 

  mpconf                    C Script        builtin:MPConf.C 

  httpios                   C Script        builtin:package_httpios.C 

  preempt                   C Script        builtin:Preempt.C 

  callsetup                 C Script        builtin:CallSetup.C 

  Retrieval                 C Script        builtin:Retrieval.C 

  session_xwork             C Script        builtin:Session_XWork.C 

  callsnr                   C Script        builtin:CallSnr.C 

  chinese                   C Script        builtin:package_chinese.C 

  callfeature               C Script        builtin:CallFeature.C 

  consult                   C Script        builtin:Consult.C 

  deviceControl             C Script        builtin:Dev_ctrlSession.C 

  ThirdPartyCC              C Script        builtin:Third_Party_CC.C 

  tclmodule                 C Script        builtin:TclModule.C 

  consultresp               C Script        builtin:ConsultResp.C 

  CallXfor                  C Script        builtin:CallXfor.C 

  tclcore                   C Script        builtin:tclcore_package.C 

  callindss                 C Script        builtin:CallIndSs.C 

  spanish                   C Script        builtin:package_spanish.C 

  digitcollect              C Script        builtin:DigitCollect.C 

Raghavendra G V
Cisco Employee

Hi Alfred,

You can view the application with command "sh call application voice <appname>"

for example :
sh call application voice clid_authen

You can also refer TCL IVR programming guide and sample scripts from below link.


Alfred Johnson

bctrunks-2431-4#show call application voice RetrProxy

Script Name : RetrProxy

       URL  : builtin:RetrievalProxy_Service.C

       Type : Service

       State: Registered

       Life : Builtin

       Exec Instances: 0

Script Code Begin:


Built in C Package implementing the Service RetrievalProxy functionality


To me this is inadequate description for someone to make any use of

You can view description of TCL script, but I don't think you can view C packages description.



Does this mean that Cisco does not support the use of the C-Scripts by customers?  If so, why do they appear in customer-facing displays like show call application?

Those are inbuilt features of IOS.For example "TOLLFRAUD_APP"


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