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не работает BLF на телефонах

Colleagues, good afternoon

I called three weeks in support cisco, but there is no answer and no calls back. That's decided to write here, I hope to help answer.

There is such a cisco 2951's with software c2951-universalk9-mz.SPA.154-3.M2.bin

on it is CME:

The register global voice the sh
the CONFIG [the Version = 10.5]
the Version 10.5
-Mode is cme

with a bunch of sip phones and quite a bit of SCCP.

So I was asked to set up the display of employment BLF line. For the test I took a sip and a few phone hung allow watch and to check on the Cisco IP Communicator set up

call-list presence
blf-speed of dial-3 

Then make test calls and everything is working well, the desired status line phones (all phones are different, there are cisco spa504, there is third-party software Yalinka and Panasonic) are displayed.

Next, begin to adjust blf spa 504 and it does not reflect the status of the relevant telephone lines. Settings are made in the bulbs of the phone. I thought maybe the phone is not working properly, and registered it in the Asterisk, there it worked instantly.

Please tell us should work on spa504 BLF indication on the phone in conjunction with cisco cme or not.

And if you must, then please tell me where to dig. And if does not, then please write clearly what Cisco models with expansion panels phones will work well with this feature and the BLF bunch with cisco cme.

I put a config section.

The register global voice
the mode cme
-source-address port 5060
max-dn 200
max-pool 150
timezone 32
time-format 24
date-the format the D / the M / the Y
mwi a stutter
mwi the reg-e164
call the forward-system redirecting the expanded-
the voicemail 1070
create profile sync 2052235216244788
network A-RU the locale
the user the locale-RU

voice register dn 11
number 1350
the allow the watch
the pickup-group 3
name the AKA
the label the AKA
voice register dn 15
number 1000
call-forward b2bua busy 01000
call-forward b2bua noan 01000 timeout 15
the allow the watch
the pickup group-55
name in 1000
label in 1000
voice register dn 16
number 81112
the allow the watch
the pickup-group 1
name 81112
label 81112

voice register pool 11
id a mac 0000.0000.1150
number 1 dn 11
presence-call list
dtmf-a relay rtp-nte
the username 13 password 13,
the codec g711ulaw
the no vad
voice register pool 15
id a mac 0000.0000.1000
number 1 dn 15
dtmf-a relay rtp-nte
the username 10 pass10 the password
the codec g711ulaw
the no vad
voice register pool 16
id a mac 0000.0000.8112
number 1 dn 16
presence-call list
dtmf-a relay rtp-nte
the username 81 password 81
the codec g711ulaw
the no vad

presence call list-
max-120 subscription
ru ua-the sip
mwi the ipv4-server: the expires 3600 port 5060 the udp transport This
presence the enable

-service, telephony is
max-ephones 20
max-dn 20
ip source-address port 2000
service, the pickup-Directed gpickup
the user-RU the locale
network A-RU the locale
time zone 32-
time-format 24
date the format-the dd-mm-yy is
keepalive 15
voicemail 1070
mwi a relay
max-Conferences 8 -6 GAIN
call-park system application
call the forward-.T the pattern
transfer-system full-the consult
transfer the pattern .T-
fac local custom the pickup 44 *
create cnf-files version-stamp 18 Oct 7960 2016 22:52:09
ephone-dn 2
number 81113
label 81113
name 81113
the allow the watch
mwi-of the type of visual
mwi the sip
ephone 2
device-security-none the mode
a mac-address 0022.5F60.38EB
presence-call list
blf-speed of dial-March 1015 label "the TEST"
blf-speed of dial-4 81112 label "81112"
blf-speed of dial-May 1000 label " Klo "
blf-speed of dial-June 1362 label" 1362 "
of the type of CIPC
mwi-line 1
button 1 2

Thanks in advance for your reply.

I hope to get an answer, because the only hope for you, for all this time, the answer is nowhere clearer found: ((((and test and twist teelfony already tired, and there is no possibility to buy each model to test functional And people ask..

Yours sincerely, Basil

If you have questions, write / call, I will answer. If not specified, then all talk and I shall add.


If you wrote the wrong branch, forgive and move to the right.