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CSCvg35618 - Referred not available

Following the webvpn critical security notification is ASA version 9.9 which we use since december also affected. According to Cisco's reference is the first fixed version which isn't available for download (yet).
The only version is 9.9.1 itself from december which is most likely,

When will or higher become available?



I just opened a TAC case to talk about this same thing and was told is not yet finished and should be out in several days.  I was told however that its fixed in 9.9.1 regardless, which according to the link I will paste below is correct but I have no idea which Cisco team to believe.  The 9.9.1 release IS shown as a "fixed in" release though.  Confusing as hell.

Would like to point out however that the 9.9.1 code was released 17 December 2017 so I HIGHLY doubt its a valid "fixed in" for this bug.  Maybe but PROBABLY NOT.


2018-01-31 08_41_24-Bug Search - Internet Explorer.png

I agree 9.9(1.2) is not available. 

I agree that CSCvg35618 is not listed as fixed in the ASA 9.9(1) Release Notes. 


However, I'd proffer that Cisco has known about this vulnerability for at least a few months. 


The security researcher who discovered this did extensive deep dives into the ASA during the month of September.


Assumptions Below

We can ASSUME that the researcher made Cisco aware of this in the September timeframe because he works for a White Hat Org. Plus, I've seen Fixed Interim versions of ASA OS in Nov 2017 & Dev 2017 (over a full month before we heard about this).  


My feeling is that Cisco just issued this PSIRT because the researcher is going to be discussing this vulnerability at a conference in Brussels on Friday Feb 2, 2018.



I was going to say this in the other thread but I will put it in here instead:

Well, crossing my fingers that 9.9(1) fixes this but man I don't trust the vendor.  How can I tell management its "probably" resolved?  "Maybe" resolved?

Cisco needs to get their act together as this kind of thing removes confidence that they are handling issues correctly and there is really no reason for it.  Management and organisational structure failure to have two different messages coming out of the same company about a security issue.

I agree that Cisco needs to get it together.   There is an obvious disconnect between the Bug Known Fixed and the PSIRT Known Fixed and the Release Notes Resolved Bugs. 


But honestly, it's not the first time. While I love the Bug Search Tool, the data in Bugs frequently isn't as detailed as I would like to see. 


HTH,   Tim


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Thanks for the info Mr. Glen.