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Michael Stark
Rising star

CSCvg76031 - IMP services stuck in starting state after fresh install/upgrade

I am doing a PCD upgrade for the IMP servers and it cannot continue after the first server because the (PAWS) service is down amongst a few others on the primary.  Using the 12.5(1) latest upgrade file.


What is the fix for this Cisco?



same issue here with a manul upgrade (no PCD)

many services stuck in starting mode with no possibility restart it properly..

any clue?



I was told by TAC to try this on the IMP server, then restart server.

set replication-sync monitor disable

I am going to test this tomorrow. If you test earlier please let me know!

Hi Michael,

Yes i was told the same from TAC.

and it works like a charm :) so great news. i already faced this issue twice on 2 different migrations...



Don't forget to re-enable "replication-sync monitor" after the services are all started :)

Hi guys,

It works for me. I was doing the upgrade from 11.5 to 12.0.


Thanks for the tip.




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If I was you I would consider the jump to go to 12.5.

12 is buggy. Cisco barely do any fixes for 12.0 and basically all future effort goes into 12.5.

Needed to use this on a 11.5 SU3 to 12.5 SU1 upgrade. I didn't reboot the servers after applying the command, and they started all the services on their own. I'll still reboot though. Saved me a TAC call! 

Yep agreed. Looks like this is just generally a good idea after you upgrade.

This saved me a call to TAC also when I upgraded from 11.5(1)SU5 to SU7.  Thank you!

HeatherHoffman73013 you are welcome. We work hard to share information and really appreciate when you take the time to consume it and it makes a difference.


Thank you for your effort and thanks for the feedback!


I have ran this command and it did not work for me.. Presence Engine still showing in starting state.  Version 12.51.11900-117. Anything else I can try?

@TracyLogan2685 Did you resolve your issue? I am running into the exact same issue you are on a fresh install. 

Hi Joe ,


Any luck with the service issue ? , i have run in to same issue as well .





Did you run the command and then reboot the IM&P server? Then wait about 5-10 minutes after it reboots.

set replication-sync monitor disable