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CSCvm79236 - L3GOLF default-route from remote PE is not being advertised to VxLAN ToR after router reloads

Hello Support Crew,


I am planning to upgrade a number of our ASR 9006's and 9010's from 5.1.3 to ?.?.?.

Recommended version is 32-bit 6.4.2, given that we're running RSP-440-TR's and Typhoon LC's.


However, there is a bug, CSCvm79236, which involves route reflectors not reflecting default routes within VRF's.

While this bug is open for the 64-bit version, and has a SMU fix, it is not clear regarding the behavior on the 32-bit version.

It would be helpful to either see a sample configuration that recreates the bug, or some other more specific information that would provide some guidance on the affected configuration.


I have opened an SR, but so far we have not been able to definitively determine if our environment would be affected or not.  We do pass default routes from customer VRF's, through our route reflectors, and on to other routers within those VRF's.


I have created a lab with two ASR 9006's and one ASR 903, and have not yet been able to recreate the bug symptoms.

3650(cust) -> ASR9006(5.1.3) -> ASR9006(6.4.2(RR)) -> ASR903


Current SR is 687148012.

Xander is aware, but appears to be out of pocket this week.  Our first SMU request was rejected.





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