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CSCvm92051 - CIPC ES is intermittently crashing on Windows 10.

hi, i'm new here.  hopefully following the rules properly with this post.  i work in a building where this is a group of customer service and sales people who use cisco IP for calls.  What is very strange is most of the users already have windows 10 on their machine and it is not an issue on anyones machine except for one user.  BUT, the main difference which i believed to be the issue originally with 8.6.6 before even using is that this user is the only person who has Windows 10 version 1803 here in the office.  I had to update him to version 1803 as version 1709 caused issues with a certain program that is used here.  Cisco IP version 8.6.6 started having issues within a few days of the update.  We had noticed the app would usually work for a decent amount of time just by rebooting the machine.  After a few weeks of the random crashes i had found the bug post and the thread about ES possibly fixing the issues.  I had installed this for him yesterday at the end of the day and he got back to me today, the next day almost roughly 24 hours after the install.  I see in CSCvm92051 that apparently there is also a and yet that did not fix it as well.  Like i mentioned this has only been occuring for the one user who has version 1803 of windows 10.  All the other users have version 1709 and there may even be a few machines out there still with 1607 all with no issue except for the 1803 machine.  


For anyone seeing these crashes with 8.6.6 through to can you please let me know what versions of windows 10 you are using?



Thanks :)

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