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CSCvo42254 - FPR2100/1000 - FDM does not allow to add CA signed cert for Management Web Server

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I'm on 6.6.0 and I am getting this bug.

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How is this fixed. If I am having this issue running 6.6.1

I was trying to update my FTD from 7.0.4 to 7.2.5 and the upgrade was always failing with a Java error at about 38% and then reverting back. 

Eventually I discovered that the webserver certificate was expired. Trying to replace the certificate with a CA signed certificate is failing with "SSP server unavailable" error. 

Here is what I have done to fix this.  These steps worked for me in both in 7.0.4 and 7.2.4. You can't replace the webserver certificate with a CA signed certificate but you can replace it with a self signed certificate on the firepower itself.

1. ssh to your firepower (with FDM)

2. go to expert mode

3. sudo su

4. cd /etc/ssl

5. Generate - CSR request

openssl req -new -newkey rsa:2048 -nodes -keyout private.key -out firepower.csr

6. Sign the "self signed" certificate

openssl x509 -req -days 825 -in firepower.csr -signkey private.key -out server.pem

7. Replace the certificate and private key in DefaultWebserverCertificate (firepower/Objects/Certificate in FDM) with the private.key and server.pem generated above. Run these on your firepower and copy the output: cat /etc/ssl/private.key respectively, cat /etc/ssl/server.pem

8. restart the device. After this the upgrade will work.

Jose Anda
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I am importing several objects to FTD 1120 - 6.6.1-91 via API Call and I am getting this error:



"statusMessage": "Configuration import failed at step of 'import objects'. Configuration import failed - SSP Server Unavailable\nSSP Server Unavailable",
"scheduleUuid": "d270b736-da16-11eb-9061-d98ad80b9753",
"diskFileName": "ftd1.txt",

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I'm running 6.7.0-65 and receiving it as well.

Cisco Firepower 1120 Threat Defense (78) Version 6.6.4 (Build 64)

I have the same "SSP Server Unavailable" when replace default cert

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Me Too!!! Anyone found a solution?

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same for me on Cisco Firepower 2120 Threat Defense (77) Version 7.0.4 (Build 55)

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I am having this issue on 7.0.1-84.


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Same with managed by FDM, SSP Server Unavailable when updating "DefaultWebserverCertificate" 

Has anyone found a solution? 

See my solution above. works on 7.2.4.

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