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Search by Problem/Issue in BTK, what do you think??

Would Bug Toolkit be more effective in identifying bugs if the tool provided you with an option to search by inputting the problem or issue you are facing with your device/network in addition to keeping the existing options to search by product or Bug ID?

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Re: Search by Problem/Issue in BTK, what do you think??

I think that would be a very good idea.

I was also thinking of some other things that might be good with searching for bugs that may affect the user.

Here is what I was thinking and please everyone feel free to chime in.

What I would like to be able to do is put in what piece of equipment I have, the IOS level I am running, paste in the out put of Show Inventory, and then have it take me to all bugs that only relate to my setup. And then I would like to be able to filter out things or services I do not use with maybe just check boxes and then get the results that not only affect my exact equipment but the features I use. This would be very helpful not only when I run into a problem but also when I would like to upgrade to another IOS. And even better would be the ability to save my equipment as I input it for future checks and maybe even alert me when something may affect my equipment.


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Re: Search by Problem/Issue in BTK, what do you think??

I recently found out why I couldn't find what I was looking for in the bugtool, and also why the TAC can.

I used to enter one or more keywords to look for bugs matching my problem and bugtool finds .... nothing

I open a TAC case and almost instantly I get a response from TAC saying I run into bug CsC123456

I open the bug and see the keywords I was looking for.....

I'm amazed to find out that the bug descriptions have the exact keywords in them but still bugtool doesn't find them.

If cisco could index the bug descriptions and get the TAC to actively work on these descriptions (some are a bit vague)  then that would be very helpful for me. (I will still need to open an SR to get the fix)



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Re: Search by Problem/Issue in BTK, what do you think??

Hi there,

I really do think that this would be an invaluable addition

to the BTK Tools. It's always very hard to try and identify

keyword/keywords that might find a related bug. Being able to

search via a "problem description" or "issue" may make the

Tool quite a bit more intuitive


Thanks for continuing to make improvements within the "Tools"



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