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upgraded vmanage from to is not working, application-server (GUI) is not running

upgraded vmanage from to , and started seeing this error. Is there any workarounds or solutions? diagnostics did not revel anything.

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i have the same problem , after vmanage cluster to application server never started , even after several attempts to restart the service, reboot vmanage but nothing helps. any solution for this issue?

if you come across any solution. Please post it here! Thanks.

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My vManage was working fine until last week. Now I'm facing same issue - upstream connect error or disconnect/reset before headers. reset reason: connection failure

vManage version 20.3.3

i never found a solution for this, i got lucky with one of these options: if you have old snapshots use it/ do cold reboot/ power cycle, to see if it works. if it works, my advice is to upgrade to 20.6.3, it is much stable.

I found out that the disk size was full due to which getting error. It was due to a monitoring tool which was freshly deployed. Now the issue is resolved. Please check on vShell used space in /dev/sdb drive.

Skjalg Eggen
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Just replying with how I managed to fix this issue, if anyone else comes across this. 

TAC just told me to upgrade, even though I sent them df -kh outputs that clearly showed / was 90% full

That is not going to work, and actually is the root cause of the webserver failing. 

logs show that if you have less than 1GB free on / the application server shuts down. causing the error.

turns out I had a ton of old logs filling up the disk. 

the culprit is these files: /*

they are not auto cleaned and fills up the disk.

Deleted them and restart nms all, and suddenly everything worked. 

NB: Upgrade will fail if you have less than 50% free space on / as well. 

So just delete those old logs and make sure you got more than 50% free diskpace and you should be fine.