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CBD 2.5.1 - Cannot add CBS350 Switches using probe



Recently built a CBD 2.5.1 installation to replace an older 2.3.1 install. We have multiple SDWAN sites with CBS350 switches. 

Trying to use the CBS350 switch probe (probe v2.2.1 switch firmware Have a self signed certificate on the CBS2.5.1 machine which has SAN entries for hostname and IP address as required with a 5yr life. Have imported the cert into the switch and configured the probe. In the switch, the dashboard connection is ticked for enable, however the dashboard status is disconnected. 

The Access Key ID and Secret have been set and I have tried using "reset connection" to restart the probe.

I have the organization name and network names matching but alas I connect get the probe to start. There is little to no logs showing what might be the issue. 

Any tips?


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David Harper
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

It sounds like you have done everything right.  Can you do a couple of things:

1. Select the advanced display mode in the top right of the switch GUI, and then open the Cisco Business Dashboard page.  Change the log level to Debug and then wait a few minutes for the switch to retry connecting.

2. Go to the Administration > File Management > File Operations page in the switch GUI, select the Backup File and Dashboard Info File radio buttons, and then PM me the zip file that results?  That file contains the detailed logs that should point to the problem.



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