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CBW-140 Country Code

I have an issue that I could use some assistance. I purchased 3 CBW 140 Access Points. 2 of them I was able to provision however when I try to provision the 3rd one I get "The network's country code is not in the wifi country code list, please modify your network location" and I don't understand. Any help with this would be great. Thanks

David Harper
Cisco Employee

Hi there,

The different country variants of the APs each support a different set of national bandplans and when an access point is first configured, you need to set the right country code to use the proper bandplan.  CBD uses the location of the network to determine what country code should be applied to the access point.  The most likely problem here is that the network that the third AP is being deployed in does not have the correct country specified - possibly it is the default 'Local Network' that is created when CBD is installed.  A less likely possibility is that the network is configured correctly, but the AP variant you have is not appropriate for that country.  But that sort of thing really only happens if your network spans multiple countries.

So, check the network settings in CBD and make sure the network location is set correctly.  If it is, can you doublecheck that you have the correct model of AP.  You will be looking for the last character in the model - e.g. the Z in CBW140AC-Z - and verify that it supports the country set in the network, using the list at  The CBW access points are not explicitly listed here, but the country codes listed under the regulatory domain heading are the same.

If everything looks right and you still have a problem, then tell us the full part number of the problem AP, the country set for the network in CBD, and maybe a screenshot showing the error so we can see the context a bit better and we can dig a bit deeper.